• I think if you ever find the edge, your question will then make sense.
  • Can I ask why you think the Earth is flat? Have you never been to the mountains?
    • mushroom
      Or on a boat or plane?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I think the main thing that proves that the Earth is not an object with a flat top in a universal gravity field is that cats exist. Cats are animals that get everywhere and habitually push objects off of the edges of other objects. They can't stop themselves from doing this. If cats exist, and the Earth is a disk or whatever shape with a flat top, then cats would have already removed all movable objects from the surface of the Earth by pushing them off the edge. Since both movable objects and cats exist simultaneously on the Earth, the Earth cannot be a flat on a side, with it's flat side normal to a universal gravitational field. QED.

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