• That they are miserable anyway, they look for reasons to be mad, I cant see how hearing anyone say that could offend anyone.
  • I think they are looking for reasons to pick a fight. However, the truly inclusive of us employ the phrase "Have a great holiday!" to ward off any possible complaints.
  • Not everyone is Christian and if they here the phrase from someone who knows their faith then they would look at it as an insult. I understand their feeling. Personally, I'm not offended by it but I feel that the Christmas season has become too commercial. The best gifts can't be bought.
  • Then for God's sake get out of this Christian country! Our Government tried to ban us putting up Christmas decorations as it will offend non-Christians! Bullshit! I have friends who are non-Christioans and enjoy christmas!
  • it winds me up to be honest! at my friends work place said she was offended buy the christmas tree they put up because it was against her religion (something to do with cutting down trees) and even tho the 1 they had was fake they took it down, offending everyone else... i would get so mad! :(
  • Bah humbug!
  • Those who do not celebrate christmas need to accept the fact that most people do - and that their expressions are in no way intended to offend.
  • I think: Get. A. Life.
  • The person taking offense has their head up their butt. People of various faiths can enjoy their holidays and wish others blessings without fear, that is an expression of religious freedom guaranteed in the US. And if they say Merry Christmas to someone who doesn't celebrate it, that person is also welcome to say "Eid ul-Fitr" (Islamic blessing a the end of Ramadan) or what-have-you when their days for celebration come. Tolerance doesn't mean everyone needs to shut up, it means you learn to tolerate each others differences.
  • I picture very tightly bunched underpants in rarely, if ever, visited nether regions.
  • They are like me and have had some very bad Christmases and are not looking forward to having to experience it all over again this year. If there is a trama during the holiday, like loss of a loved one,(not the case for me) it can ruin it for a long time. Not everyone is a jerk, some of them are actually hurting and christmas brings back the pain.
  • This has become such a super sensitive society that, one of these days, we are going to have to submit a written request for approval before we can open our mouths to say 'good morning' - Yet, it's all about hypocrisy anyway cause the political correctness trend has only been concucted to cover a host of racist, sexist and biggoted issues that society doesn't want to address and/or correct anyway, a one-size fits all solution of sorts
  • It really bothers me. And what I find, is that it is Christians who are afraid of offending non-Christians who make the biggest stink which is ridiculous. Anyone, regardless of their faith, probably understands that saying Merry Christmas is not a slur against non-Christians, but simply a way of saying "I will you well".
  • This "supposed" war against Christmas is a fabrication of Bill O'Reilly. Honestly, no one cares if you say "Merry Christmas". Have you ever actually met someone who complained? Or are you just parroting the Fox News? I suppose there may be one or two people out there who object to it, but they are probably as rare as the people who bomb abortion clinics. Seriously, has anyone actually met someone who objected? I'm not talking about a friend of a friend.
  • I'd tell them to take a chill pill! I don't get offended if someone wishes me a Happy Hanukah or Kawanza or whatever they celebrate in return. I think having to say Happy Holidays or Season Greetings is bull****! That's what we had to do when I worked at Walmart. Being PC is more important these days than being human.
  • I they don't want me to say it to them, that is fine. But I would not be offended by someone saying "Happy Kwanzaa," or "Happy Purim," or any other sincere greeting from their faith or culture to me. In fact, if they are wishing me happiness in any form, I am honored. I am not going to curtail my happiness language, but I will try to be as sensitive as possible to others.
  • I feel very sorry for them.
  • People can be offended by whatever they want to be offended by.
  • I think they really must have a trouble free life to be concerned about something like that. . Get over it - it's a kind thought - take it that way. +5
  • I think its ridiculous and if I were there when they said it I would really offend them. There is no need to be offended the college I go to is very multicultural and everyone say happy whatever Ede/Diwali/Christmas(don't we have any Jews but would say happy honnika)
  • I think it's pathetic! I would not get offended if someone wished me a happy chuanuka. As long as someone is wishing you well, why can't you just say thank you and move on. People have become way to sensitive! If I told you to go screw, then you have the right to be offended!
  • That they need to relax. I wish people a Merry Christmas. They are welcome to say the same, nothing, or what ever fits their beliefs...Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah...
  • Pretty soon we won't be able to even say "Happy Holidays"
  • They need to just GET A LIFE!
  • 5-16-2017 I have never known anybody who was actually offended. There are only dingbats worried about offending unspecified people.
  • That there are far more offensive things to be worried about. And that if they would be offended over that they'd be offended over just about anything else too

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