• We leave the range hood light or the light over our sink on at night, and have a couple of those flat luminescent nightlights in the bathrooms. My children are 21 and 24. Should I be worried that they will turn into axe murderers or something? ;-)
  • We have a night light on for us so we don't trip when going to the bathroom at night. I see nothing wrong with it. :)
  • I don't have children. When we were kids, we neither let the lights on. We sleep together as a family(and that's I think is different from the western) and so there was no need for us to fear :)
  • let them have their light until they feel they don't need it anymore peace
  • I've always put small "night lights" in the hallway, bathroom and each child's bedroom near the light switches in case they need to get up in the night. They don't really light the room, but they show where light switches are. It's also helpful for overnight visitors.
  • It is really difficult to turn off the lights if your children got used to have a light on. What you can do is to turn it off after they fall asleep and leave the door open. After they are going to notice it just talk to them and tell them that they grow up and they don’t need a light but since they might get up in the middle of the night is better if after that stage you leave a light on outside of their room and have the door open. The final stage is just to have a lamp next to their bed so they can turn it on if something happen.
  • Btw I read an article which was saying that people who leave a light on at night have more possibilities to get one kind of cancer because they never let their body fully relax since they have light in the room.

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