• It can certainly help, by keeping those cells plumped up and by flushing away toxins that might otherwise remain in the body and be reflected in the condition of your skin.
  • Yes it can. You can also reduce wrinkles by gaining a few extra pounds. Sounds silly but many people who go on hard core diets tend to look older when they lose too much weight. The extra skin does not go away. Maintain a healthy weight and dont try to be too skinny. People are not concidered obese until they are 20% over their ideal weight for height and frame size. Dont be affraid to go up one size if you are below your ideal weight. Eating tasty food is one of our greatest pleasures in life. Dont punish yourself because of what others may think of you.
  • Well technically yes and no. The answer is that staying hydrated is helpful for good skin.that being said drinking too much water alone can disrupt your natural hydration balance. In other words hudration is not just about water its about having rhe right balance of water, salt, potassium and i think sugar. So drinking water is good just make sure you have a banana (it has a lot of potassium and is fairly cheap) or drjnk coconut water (the sugarless kind) that along with a balanced diet i think might keep your hudration levels where they should be. drinking green smooties is also good for your skin i think

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