• Less fat lean more fat regular I use lean
  • I prefer a fattier meat for meatloaf so it stays juicy and doesn't dry out.
  • Meatloaf will not be dry if you use one egg to every pound and a half of lean ground beef. A bit of ground pork added to the mixture gives it a better taste. Use only a half pound or so depending on the size of the meatloaf.
  • 20% for meatloaf, 10 to 12% for my homemade 1/2 lb. burgers grilled on the Bar-b ...... ~Nemo~
  • You would use lean ground beef. With everything else you will be adding to the meat, you do not have to worry about it being dry. Making a hamburger is different. If you want it to taste good, you cannot get lean or it will be dry.
  • Lean for meatloaf. Add egg to keep it extra moist. I hate pouring off the excess fat when you use a fattier meat.
  • I use regular because the fat adds flavor...
  • Use lean ground beef and mix in a quarter cup of applesauce. It will keep it from drying out and add a little flavor.
  • I use regular, for more flavor, and I can use the fat, LOL.
  • Howdy Lillith! I use a mix of beef, veal and Pork and I make sure to grate 1 small onion into it to keep it moist if you use lean meat. If you use full fat meat, most of it melts off anyway, so only use 1/2 onion if it is full fat.
  • You can use lean but it won't taste as good without some fat in it. Ground chuck has the most flavor of any ground meat, add some pork if you can and you have the best tasting meatloaf. But you can make different types of meatloaf with ground chicken or turkey, even emu and rabbit or venison. Just be sure to add some fat for flavor and mouth appeal.
  • I use half ground chuck and half ground sirloin. You want a little fat so it will be juicy.
  • I use lean, but add breakfast sausage to it for the fat. It comes out delicious! If it was burger only, I'd use regular. Lean just doesn't have enough fat in it.
  • Regular ground beef is fine for a meatloaf - but the lean ground beef will have less fat. There's a great Meat Loaf recipe here:

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