• Old question. There is no advantage to buying any higher octane than the mfr recommends. If your engine pings/knocks with that octane, you have an engine problem.
  • I just buy regular. Gas prices here are not bad, but in other parts of the bay area, they suck. Just depends on the height of tourist season and of course holidays.
  • I buy Premium. It is a better fuel in terms of the power it provides in the right engine, having a 90 or higher octane rating. It’s an unleaded, crude oil by-product with detergent additives and less polluting characteristics.
  • I usually buy the middle grade. My vehicles seem to operate better with it. 11/26/23
  • Can you still buy leaded petrol!? Was this question from 1974 or what? Anyway, I just buy the regular grade. It's not like the higher grades have fewer impurities, they just have a higher activation energy than lower grades. Basically, if your engine is knocking, that means there is combustion at the wrong time in the engine's cycle, so you need a higher grade. Otherwise, you don't. Period. Your engine rated for 87 octane is not going to run any better with 97 octane unless you adjust it to do so, which I don't even think is trivially possible with modern digital engine controls, anyway.
  • I just go with regular for my old gal.
  • You only need to buy the grade required by the car manufacturer. Higher octane will not improve the performance of your car. The engineers have designed the engine to work with a specific octane for best performance (power, mileage, anti-knock, etc.). Modern cars will automatically adjust if you add a higher octane gas. So you are just wasting your money. If your car requires higher octane gas then you do need to use that as lower octane can cause problems.

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