• Perhaps she isn't as intelligent or independent as she thinks.
  • There is no doubt intelligent and indepenent women are more fun to court, they are more intriguing to converse with and far sexier than the average woman. I think when a man gets in over his head with a woman of higher intelligence than himself, he may start to downrate her and try to control her as a way of making himself seem like the stronger partner. Personally, I think intelligent women have more to offer in the long term because beauty fades and all that is left is what is inside. When I am old, I want someone I can talk to without her giving me a blank look.
  • generalize much?
  • I wonder if you can report him for that? He is clearly abusing the website to extract revenge because you wont see things his way. He isnt the only woman hater like this; they feel that any man who isnt like them is a traitor or a wuss.
  • This question is carrying its own load of baggage, and I'll answer in the context "... once they have them ..." where a commitment has been made. I don't want her to agree with me and do what she is told simply because I said it. I said what ever it was for a *reason*, and it's hardly ever about me or what *I* want. My objectives are almost always about *us*. I expect her to be on *my* team, on *my* side, just like I'm on hers. If she disagrees with the play I called, I expect her objection will be about how to achieve the objective and not about how she feels or that she doesn't like being told what to do. I expect the same trust that I give, too. When she's not telling me why, it's on my list to find out why later, but I'm backing her up until then. I am committed to her and I expect her to be committed to me. I do not abandon her, not even in small ways, *ever*. I expect that she will not abandon me. If she's all about asserting herself because she demands "respect" or some such, she's not committed and I don't have her, do I? Neither would she be intelligent if she didn't ask "why", nor actually independent, only contrary. I, sincerely, hope this helps.
  • "If the man is like that" is part of your question. Someone else asked: why would an intelligent woman not recognize that and avoid it? It doesn't always happen that way. There are many factors in the dynamics of a relationship and intelligence doesn't always play the biggest role. As to trying to answer your question, a possiblilty is that no matter whether the woman is intelligent or not the man is a controller. Woman is a "challenge". Once the challenge has been "conquered", the man "expects" her to assume her "role". Some women accept the "role" imposed upon them, no matter what their intelligence level. The problem is that during the courting stage a man is a different person. After the challenge is over and he "conquers" he changes. This causes confusion, wouldn't you think? The illusions are shattered on both sides when the conflicts start. Challenge (UG!) Conquer (OOGA!)
  • About whichever man you are talking about: He doesn't sound like a man at all. He sounds more like someone who only cares about himself. Men don't beat good qualities out of their women. That's what lust-driven boys who are only concerned with their own sexual needs and desires and not the needs and desires of their s/o's do.

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