• you can be a total nut and not do the homework. or you can beat the teacher at their own game and do the homework and excell in their class. the only way is to aim for an A and get it.
  • You look at them differently. Don't look at them as if they were your friends or people you want to please. They're only tools for your success and nothing more. Just get what you need out of them, learn the material they assign to you, turn in your homework, and move on.
  • I have been out of school for 25 years. This seems very important to you right now, next year it will not matter. Try to take that approach with things and you will be much happier.
  • I have a teacher like that. I am only JUST passing by 1 mark, not because my work is wayyyyy below the standard, I had another teacher read my essay and they said it deserved a higher mark. This teacher just dosnt like me. So I sit in the corner for 75 min and then leave with loads of homework
  • I dont hate any of my teachers. You need to learn to love to learn.
  • I quite winning, do my work, and get the most I can out of the class. ( and keep your smart ass comments to yourself, I learned that the hard way).
  • maybe you should talk to the principal about it, if youre lucky he'll get fired
  • talk to the principal about it, if youre lucky they'll get fired

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