• The ONLY thing you are guaranteed in life, is DEATH.
  • I don't feel it's morally right for humans to gain immortality.
  • i don't know about enternal life, but i was reading an article like 2 years ago about how they found the 7 genes responsible for aging, they think that if they remove the genes then we'd be able to live from 1000-5000 years (assuming you're healthy)
  • Sez who? (Either way I give it low odds. Yes I think it is possible but I don't think it is probable.)
  • No. Even if it would work, the Sun will be a red giant 6 billion years later and we have to move.
  • You mean eternal?? Well, I think it is probably possible even now. Just put someone in an induced coma and on life support. Closely watch their vitals and they will not die. I don't know about eternally though...
  • Yes, it is possible. Pity I won't be around to see it.
  • I'm not too sure of eternal life, but maybe a few hundred years of life. I just saw something on tv the other day saying they are going to be coming out with a new pill within 5 - 10 years that will make people live a little longer. I think it's supposed to make you live 50 - 100 yrs. longer. I'm pretty skeptical about it, but it worked on mice and cells!
  • Possible? Yes. Probable? No. As the "Rainman" would say "definitely, definitely not. A slew of reasons but how does one prove anything if another wants to believe the other. I double dog dare you to prove me wrong.
  • It's a scary thought... til death us do part... a life sentence... retirement funds... breeding... Of course it will only be available at an astronomical price to the immensely rich so i suppose there won't reaaly be a problem
  • Hmmmm, not how most people think of eternal life. I believe we already have it. When I pass, my energy will be passed on to other living things (decomp insects or plants that use my energy) These things will in turn pass their energy on and on and on. Being as energy cannot be created or destroyed, I will live eternally. That makes me happy :)
  • Who knows what will happen after the singularity, when it will happen, or if it happens at all.
  • Doubt it. Human tissue DIES your body isnt able to last that long. And eventually even if they did manage to significantly prolong life people would probably suffer mass organ failure.
  • You mean, "eternal" life. No, it's not possible and it will never be possible. All matter transforms, eventually decays and finally dies, whether is a cell, a person, a planet, a sun or a constellation. Don't believe this "cheap" scientific rumors. I think we should be more worried about our species ability to cause its own destruction through powerful weaponry than the opposite.
  • thats absolutely impossible, scientifically, physically, everything... it can't happen as long as there is such thing as "time" and the earth is rotating, we're gonna leave eventually... there are "genes" you can remove to slow the aging process but that also means you get older slower... so you can extend your life by what? like 50 years? but that would be about it...
  • No I don't. All living things, humans included, die on earth.
  • No, another prediction sais that the universe will expand so much that in some trillion years, there won´t be any useable energy left and everything will freeze. So eternal life is therefore impossible.
  • Nothing lasts forever (even cold November rain)...
  • Two of the sweetest aspects of life are its brevity and fragility. I hope we never have eternal life, because we'll be anything but human if we do.
  • You can already have eternal life, through Jesus....maybe thats when everyone will realize that...***ducking from the DR's***
  • The way to get eternal life is by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior. We already know this.
  • Please cite the whack job you are referencing. I say it will be announced on January the 18th, in the year 2049. Dig me up if this is not correct.

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