• I'm the only person out of my boyfriends friends and my friends who call him by his actually name. It's POSSIBLE she MIGHT have a thing for you, she takes you more seriously than others. Either that, or she doesn't feel comfortable calling you by your nickname. I'm that kind of person. I just don't feel comfortable calling people by their nickname, regardless of how many others do.
  • It could mean that she likes you, and this is her way of making you see her apart from her friends. It could also mean that she just doesn't like your nickname, so refuses to use it, but I'd bet it is the former of the two. Good luck!
  • Or it could mean nothing. Imagine this, I had a friend in college and everyone there just called her Liz. But I constantly called her Elizabeth. Why you ask? Well I have a close cousin who's name is Elizabeth and I literally grew up with her. The thing was is my cousin Elizabeth you always called Elizabeth. She didn't like Liz, she didn't like Beth, or Lizzy or any nicknames. Always always always Elizabeth. So I projected that on my friend for a long time always calling her Elizabeth because I was mentally trained not to call her anything but.
  • Well I know personally that there is a guy in my class that everyone calls by a nic-name but I just for some reason don't feel comfortable calling him it even though we're friends. So yeah. She could be uncomfortable. Or maybe she likes you. You never can tell.
  • Usually that means the girl likes you and wants to call you what your parents named you.

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