• Spin the bottle blindfolded.
  • frisbee golf.
  • UNO, And Texas Hold'Em
  • My bunch plays a lot of board games like Trivial Persuit and Monopoly, etc. But, sometimes we play Charades. Those can be fun with the right people. Once in a while we do the "Scavenger Hunt", where we are all given a list of "items" to go out and find and bring back. This must start early and it usually lasts all night. They are things you cannot usually just go and buy at Wal-Mart...(lol),..i.e., leaves from a particular type of tree or a certain flower..or hair from a certain breed of dog. It can be real fun...if you have understanding neighbors and friends.
  • Naked Twister! :) LOL
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I'm in. So do we start naked? Or do I need to put them back on?

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