• Kindness Respect Consideration and Care are never ever wrong ♥
  • No, you're right, and your girlfriend sounds like an insensitive, shallow nitwit.
  • No, you are not wrong. You should help your mother and the elderly if you can. Your girlfriend, doesnt sound very caring to me.
  • I do not believe anything is wrong with helping out your mother. Especially since she is 73 years old. Four to five times a month of running errands is nothing. Some mothers don't even get that. I mean after all its the least you can do to show her your appreciation for raising you right?
  • No, good for you for helping your mom :-)
  • No, you're not wrong. I think you're commendable! . Perhaps your girlie is a little jealous of your mum? I hope you don't stop helping her out on account of your lady friend.
  • You are a good son, and a good person. Your girlfriend sounds a bit selfish.
  • Your mom is 73 years old if you didn't help her that would make me mad!!! I think that family comes first... Help your mom and if your girl doesn't like it then she can get over it or get out!!!
  • You are not a mommy's boy. You are a responsible man who is helping your aging mother. It is wonderful you feel the obligation to help her and you do it. Your girlfriend is just jealous.
  • You are not a mommy's boy and you are not wrong for helping your elderly mother. I wonder how things would be if the shoe was on your girfriend's foot and not yours? Is she a daddy's or mommy's girl?
  • You are not a momma's boy, provided that you work your mom's errands into a schedule that works for you. I mean, as long as you are also making time for your girlfriend, then she has no right to complain. Does your mom insist that these errands be done at a certain time, knowing that it will interupt things that you have planned with your girl, or that it is the only time you have for your girl? As long as your mom is being flexible with the things she asks you to do, I applaud you for helping her out whenever you can.
  • Do you do small errands/things for your girlfriend when she asks? Is your mother in the habit of requesting your help when she knows you have a schedule or plan with your girlfriend? Some mothers will "prove" their power over their children by playing the mommy card at inconvient times and/or all the time. There is more than one way to look at the situation and all those ways may show that your girlfriend has a point. Her calling you names and you defending your right to help your mom won't solve the issue. Maybe you two should talk about what your helping your mother means to each of you.
  • NO! You're not wrong, she's only a girlfriend, not your wife so she has absolutely no input on your relationship or involvement with your mother. And for her to think that helping your SEVENTY THREE year old mother 4/5 times a month is too much is so rediculous and selfish and I personally could'nt see myself getting serious with someone like that. All the best! :)
  • This girlfriend sounds like a selfish monster, you should dump her and then you will have even more time to help your beloved mother out.
  • i say, unless it gets in a way of your own personal tasks, errands, and appointments then no you're not wrong. seems like your girlfriend is controlling.. she must not be very family oriented if her mentality is this way. i'll do anything for my mother because she's the one that gave me life, who fed and sheltered and dressed me and who afforded my education.. nevermind owing her 4-5 times a month of small errands.. i owe her my life! i assume your girlfriend did none of these things.. you don't owe her anything. if she wishes to whine then i would have a serious talk with her and put her in her place before she thinks she can overrule anything your mother says.
  • Once a week is well within reason. Doesn't your girlfriend ever do anything for her mother or father? If not, what does that say about her? It sounds for all the world as though your girlfriend is jealous. That's a very unattractive trait.
  • Absolutely NOT! You are showing respect for your mother, and that is to be applauded. She should stop and consider the fact that if she ever moves from "girlfriend" status, to "wife" status, that's the way you will be treating her someday.(And be dam glad you ARE so respectful to your Mom). All you have to do is look at how a Man treats his mother, to see how he will one day treat his wife. You sound like an awesome guy;)
  • They say if you want to know how a guy will a treat a girl in a relationship look at how he treats his mother. That says a lot for you. Not so much for your girlfriend.
  • I am back helping out my elderly parents, so I agree with the others - your behavior is respectful and shows character. Also, even if your mother is manipulating you as one or 2 others long will she be able to do this? She is 73. My grandmother is 100, and if she wanted to manipulate me, then I honor her for it (she doesn't). Good night.
  • I would wager at the point you understand that you are ok in taking care of mom's needs. I do not know your relationship with your GF, nor what these errands are and if you put mom before the GF when it comes time to run errands. There is a right way and a wrong way to take care of mom's needs. While I agree mom should be taken care of, I do hope you are not choosing to help mom out at a time that your supposed to be doing something else, or when the GF is expecting you. If so that may be the root of the issue - not that your helping mom, but that you are subtracting from the GF. You and your GF need to sit down and consider the Needs of Mom together. If at all possible schedule these errands at a time that is not going to look like you are coming up with a reason to run away, or to put of the GF and time with her. I would assume that the GF is basically a reasonable person and if you two talked the real issue would be uncovered and you two could work out an agreement here without putting mom out in the cold.
  • That's the way it should be between children and aging parents. Tell your girlfriend that there are children who have to have their parents living with them because they can't take care of themselves or don't want to. That happened to me and not only do you have to do an errand once a week but you have to cook, shop and clean for them, take them to the hairdressers, the dentist, the doctor, shopping, take them out in the afternoon so they don't get bored, take them on holiday with you and to your's, your husband's, your children's birthday celebrations, wedding anniversarys, to friends houses with you because they can't bear being on their own, on outings with the children because they can't bear being on their own, out in the evening with your husband/wife because they can't bear being on their own, and every time you have friends in they talk non-stop with them because they want to socialize with someone different, so you never get a chance to talk to your friends alone or your husband/wife for that matter. Need I say more? She should count her lucky stars and not be so selfish. There are people in far worse situations like the one I described above which I lived through for 15 years.
  • You need find a girl that is of heart I would say ... It sounds like you have found one without ... Here! give her this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥ Take care of your mom in her later years ... she did so for you in your first.
  • Hell no. Without her, you wouldn't be born! Keep helping her, because just think out it- a 73 yr old woman doing those errands by herself.Anything can happen.

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