• I love them. I don't even buy that much stuff at them but to me they are the landlocked version of Beachcombing :)
  • You can find great things at garage sale, for reasonable prices.
  • I was a garage sale junky for many, many years. I have found them to be the best second-hand source of all. You can sometimes even find brand new stuff. sometimes stores go out of business and the owner has a "garage sale" at his home of the unsold merchandise. My brother made a living by offering to haul off all unsold items, and then sold them at the swap meet. For a beginner, I would advice visiting several sites first for a few weeks, and compare prices at the local charity thrift and re-sale shops to get an idea how much to pay. Also inspect every item carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • I love em. Until I got into trucking I made a living buying and selling stuff from garage sales, flea markets, etc and it was alot of fun
  • I like garage sales as to me it is a form of recycling and recycling is good for our future. If you go shopping you may see something but not be able to afford it, or not buy it and later wish you had. Months or even years later you may come across it at a yard sale, and it gives you a second chance. You could also find something that is a duplicate of something you've lost or find a part for something broken.
  • I go garage sale hopping a few times a year to get great deals on hard to find items.
  • I love yard sales and garage sales! They're better than flea markets and thrift stores.
  • 7-4-2017 I already have all the velvet Elvis paintings and mismatched stereo parts I need. I do my bargain shopping at Goodwill.

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