• Of course, you never know who could go in your home unexpectedly. It might be a so-called friend, pushy salespeople or the Jehovah's Witnesses tempted to rob you.
  • Yes. I thought it was odd when a friend locked the door after we walked in her house. She said it was habit since someone followed her home from the pool and just walked in and tried to rape her. And after my divorce I use to obsess over locking the door. Now I just unlock it when I know someone is coming over.
  • Usually. There are crazy freakin people out there.
  • Yes never know whose lurking about
  • I never used to. Recently, I find myself locking the front door if I'm out on the back patio and locking the back door when in the house. It's a sad reality that anything, anywhere can happen.
  • Honestly, not always. I do if I'm sleeping. Or in the shower. The rest of the time it could go either way. I live in a pretty safe area right now and I don't live in fear.

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