• I left home at 14 to attend a military school in another city. I came home from that school for about two years and went into the Navy. Although I have come home many times I have never lived at home again. I am almost 80 now and live alone. Both my parents are now gone.
    • Linda Joy
      I salute you (properly I might add! ;-) ) Thank you for your service! Where did you serve?
    • Thinker
      You are welcome but I do not talk about my service as I am opposed to the military because they do not protect the USA but make big business richer. I served in the Pacific. That was in the 1950's
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you
  • the day before I turned 18. Joined the Navy, otherwise I would have been drafted into the Army the next day...
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my! Things were sure different back then! Where did you serve?
    • Linda Joy
      What did you do in the Navy?
  • When I was 30 years old
    • Linda Joy
      Do you feel that gave you a better start in life? Or do you think your independence was hindered by that?
  • when i was almost 18 and went away to college
    • Linda Joy
      Where did you go to college?
    • pearllederman
      oswego, ny
    • Linda Joy
      SUNY? What was your major?
    • pearllederman
      didnt know what i wanted to do, i just took liberal arts
    • Linda Joy
      Have you thought about going back?
    • pearllederman
      i did go back but i flunked out both times, not going back now
  • When i was at 20 years old...
    • Linda Joy
      What did you do then?
  • I was 17. All I owned was my car and what I could fit in a duffel bag...I have no kids that I know of.
    • Linda Joy
      What did you do then?
  • I left at 21 and felt like I was running away from home. Lol
    • Linda Joy
      Why did you feel like you were running away? What did you do then?
    • Rick Myres
      I had never been away from home before I moved with just a few things 360 miles from home. I started working soon after in a body shop. Now my home is 22 miles south of there. Macon Mo >>>>> Moberly Mo.
  • 15 years old ...i met a boy when i was 13...and at 15 my parents had to go back to bulgaria.and i staid in greece to finish my school and i went to live with that boy.i did finish school i was great.before them leaving me i was a very weak im 20 years old hv one doughter 7 months old and im married to that boy.
    • Linda Joy
      So he's a man now! I wish you the best! Did you both get education? You can do it online now! So much simpler than when I was a parent!
    • Petia Batzakidou
      Well no college i want too but not so good iconomics home
  • I moved out at 17, into a grotty bedsit.
  • Well, I went to boarding school at 15 and then college. However, if you're counting from the time I stopped returning home for the summers, that would be when I finished my junior year in college and stayed in New England to work that summer rather than get a summer job at home. I was 20. I never went home for more than a visit of a week or so again. My children are adults and self-supporting. They began living on their own after graduating from college. They live halfway across the country from me and my husband.
  • I left the parental home when I was 22-years-old.
  • Just a few months past 18 when I was drafted. Off to boot camp, then to Vietnam.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for your service!
    • dalcocono
      There wasn't much thanks going on for us back in those days. The citizens hated us for getting drafted.
    • Linda Joy
      I know. I'm glad I didn't have to suffer that and wish you hadn't either. There was not much thanks when I was in either, but at least we weren't in a political mess like you were. Then again I didn't do it for the thanks, but I appreciate them when they come, especially for my fellow soldiers.
  • I left home at the age of 18 to take up the offer of a residential post and never returned home on a permanent basis - just at holidays times until I married and had my own family. None of my own children left home very early. One still lives at home at the age of 40.
  • I aged out of gov't subsidized housing at 18 as my mom was going from factory work for college to become a medical transcriptionist. I was nearly in the streets until a couple of different friends helped me out.
  • I left home when I was 17 after a quarrel with my parents,
    • Linda Joy
      I think it often happens that way. I hope you've mended the relationship if its a healthy one.
  • 21 or so. I had a job and an associate's degree.
  • I left home at 19. I was offered a job 500 miles away & I took it. I was financially independent once I moved. I have NO children, so NONE have left home nor coming to me for a handout!!! 😍
  • The internet age, of the modern period of the anthropocene epoch of the cenozoic era. I went to college full time at 18, but did go back to live with my parents for a couple years after I finished my studies (I went to graduate school, but never finished my dissertation) before I found a job out of state - I was 25 by then.
  • I was 17 and about 20 days. Off to the Air Force I went. It was a good life.
  • I was 20.

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