• I think quick and with as less pain as possible. We should learn a lesson here to always tell our loved ones everyday how we feel and not hope there is time to tell them later.
  • I would prefer the quick and painlessly myself, watching someone suffer for a long time doesnt help anybody. Its horrible to watch.:-)+
  • I'd rather die quick and painlessly. If there is something important I think my family should know I immediately tell them about it so in case of any eventuality they will never be in the dark.
  • I am a firm believer that the amount of suffering we go through at the end is attoinment for our sins(doesnt matter which religion).So the quicker the death,the less we have to be sorry for.My Uncle is a unconfirmed pedafile.He is suffering great pain from his diabetes.Lossing toes,vision,the works.I feel he is getting his "just desert". My mother died fairly quickly,and I feel she wasnt knowing of her pain.She was a good and kind person.SO I try to be as good a person as I can.That way it will be quick and painless.
  • I would rather suffer and have the time to close things right with my family.
  • Just because you are in pain for a long time doesn't mean you have the ability or faculty to speak.
  • We would all love quick and painless, but it's important to have time to say everything you want to the people you love as well as say goodbye. I'm torn on this one for obvious reasons. If I had to choose one or the other for my mother right now, I would say the former. I think she would say the latter. Dying of cancer is terrifying and painful, but I know her heart would be uneasy if she did not have this time with the people she loves. As for me, I will continue to tell the people I love that I do everyday and never forget that they won't be around forever. So, if I do get my preference of dying quickly and painlessly I know that my heart won't be heavy.
  • Wow, what a great question! OK..I'm going to call everyone I know today and say what I can, so then I can go quick & painless. Because if I left something undone, or misunderstood, that would be heartbreaking for everyone involved.
  • Quickly and painlessly... I wouldn't have much to say to my family.
  • I would go quick and painless. BECAUSE I should have told my entire family each and everyday what I think of them. They know I LOVE YOU!!! I say it to my son 10 times a day!! Him and my Mom are the only 2 that I am in contact with. I KNOW they wouldn't want me to hurt and would say to go quick as well. +5

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