• No, dying is not on my near future to do list. No matter how bad it gets, I still do not want to die nor do I have any such thoughts. Sometimes I think what if I died today or tomorrow, well it would be a shame but I would hope I would go doing something good or trying to save someone else.
    • Linda Joy
      Not even figuratively? Or temporarily? I'm glad you don't feel that way, though.
  • Think about your spouse and the other people who love you.
  • I hope it is not you. I have felt that way before I met Jesus. He gives me my strength through all my bad times which are rare for now. Living alone I know I am not alone, so I no longer get lonely.
  • Only when the mental and physical pain gets a little too much. I am happiest at my lowest, because I know things can only get better. And they do !
  • sometimes but i dont believe in killing myself,
  • No. I'm too interested in tomorrow and believe things change.
    • Lilo Avli
      Why ? What's happening ?
    • we are dough 68
      Another mass school shooting.
  • You don't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.
    • Lilo Avli
      Kellyanne Conway ?
    • Archie Bunker
      Rolling Stones
  • sometimes to be honest, i think everyone does, I might have aspergers and a lot of times i find myself alone when id like to have fun with people but the people where I live are never interested in hanging out with me so im tired of the isolation, ive never related good with guys so i never got married or had kids cause of it. sometimes ive felt like im missing out in life, thought of getting a dog to keep me company, plus I have a bad knee and cant get surgery on it till i get rid of this nail fungus so that might take a while, Im also waiting for medicaid to approve a colosnoscopy but theyre taking forever to do it, i had a home test come out positive so thats why i need one. I dont believe in killing yourself cause for one it backfires on you and then you could end up worse than when you started, but sometimes i think if i ever had cancer i might refuse chemo or radiation and just let myself go, just being honest.
    • Linda Joy
      I feel a lot of what you've said here. I watched my mom die of cancer. I saw what chemo did to her. I watched Jimmy die of tb and saw what radiation did to him. I've worked in a nursing home and visited others. But we never know what God's plans are for us or why we have to endure what we do, or whose life may be blessed because of something we did, you know? I've been told that before usually just after I doubt.
    • Rick Myres
      I know how you feel. My dad died during chemo treatment for cancer after a week. The Social Security called me after my disability came through and lied to me. I had Medicare and Medicaid he told me it was the same and wanted me to drop the Medicaid. I asked him about deductible and paying after using it he said there is none with Medicare and I found out a its very different thing. I have the deductible each year plus what Medicare does not pay. My hernia surgery last year was another $500 after it. If I had Medicaid I would not have had that to pay and my monthly pay takes a drastic hit each time I go to the doctor leaving me with very little to live on. I know God knows our every thought and every word we speak. Because God never leaves us to be alone. After all He created us all.
  • Yes, to the life as I know it. Some patterns seem so rooted that I make an appeal to life: "Let me die to the life as I know it" I sit with the feelings and thoughts. Then take one step toward the work of the day, or attend weekly gatherings of meditation and spiritual dialogue groups. Most of the time that feeling is fleeting and passes quickly.. Sometimes there is a breakthrough where I do something new and different. Sometimes simply helping a stranger in need is enough a reminder that the simplest act of kindness can wash away that self indulgent sorrow.
    • Linda Joy
      Good answer! Thank you!
  • All the time. It's the second of the of the primary drives in life, coincidentally the one that keeps you alive, because most people say no to it. The first is to be alive. So the best thing to do is to accept that it will be with you for the rest of your life and allow it no power. Look we all get piss-off, but piss-off doesn't kill you, it just make you sad and then if that continues, it has some importance. The death force is not there to make you feel you want to die, it is there to kick you in the ass to make you live. So stop worrying about felling down, get on your feet and say, "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore". Learn the means to solve what is upsetting you and start to live.
  • For real im just going to give my input when you think about it death is a ¨quick fix¨ but its the end of your pain but causes more harm than it does healing or whatever you think it will fix in 2017 one of my friends committed suicide and the whole school was tore up and i mean as soon as i came in everybody was crying in the lobby and the gym and i asked what was wrong and the answer i got was not a good one. In december last year 2 of my friends, they were brothers, were shot and killed in front of dollar tree and in march another one of my friends who i had somewhat drifted away from but still communicated with was shot and killed by a police officer, when he did NOT have a firearm or weapon of any kind, sparking a shootout in mecklenberg county, VA and only one other person was injured (not life threatening) at both of those times i was in a juvenile behavioral health center following an event where i downed 2 bottles of adderall and sleeping pills hoping i would either go to sleep and not wake up or that the adderall would make my heart burst. I collapsed in the kitchen floor and my grandmother found me and called one of my neighbors who is an EMT and i was rushed to the hospital but what was the worst part was the looks and how it affected my family they were tore up from the attempt itself so imagine if it had actually succeeded my advice to you or whomever its not the way to deal with things.
  • It will happen to me some day. It might be today, it might not be for a long time, but I'd rather not fixate upon it and just make the most out of the time I do have.

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