• Friend. It didn't affect me because when I read it in the paper I said wow a guy jumped off bridge and a train hit him.Months later i was told it was my friend.He told me long before he couldn't take it and the help he got was crap.So he finally got peace,
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry for his pain and that of his loved ones. They're the ones I weep for. Especially the children.
    • Linda Joy
      (Hugs) pm me if you want to talk about it.
    • Thinker
      Thanks Linda. It was my niece's grandson. I had not seen him since he was a baby. I live a thousand miles from them. I also had a student commit suicide when I was teaching back in the 1970's.
  • The alcoholics, yes. It's a slow tortuous death. One knows, the other is paddling his canoe down a river called denial. I hate, hate, hate, alcohol. It is a killer. Once that ammonia builds up in the brain all common sense and logic go out the window.
  • Helping a Student Who Has Lost a Friend or Family Member to Suicide ... The shock and grief that consumes you after you lose someone to suicide is .... You have been changed by this loss, but you can learn how to survive, even grow, from ..
  • no but ive lost friends cause of it, one guy i knew yrs ago died of a heroin overdose, another time my neighbor across from me overdosed and killed herself, i found out later she told this guy in my building about the pain she was going thru with nerve pain from diabetes and he told her to kill herself, such a jerk, cant stand the sight of him, lost a friend thanks to his big mouth, there should be laws about talking to people like that
  • No, but a past lover's brother committed suicide a few years before I met him. He told me all about it. It was sad.
  • yes, my brother killed himself when he was 44. I still feel guilty that I didnt see it coming, that's how it affected me
  • Not close, but some distant relative hung herself in a tree at the estate of a President of the United States. It happened before I was born, but the tree is still there with it's pronounced 'U' shaped limb.
  • No. Suicide is usually the last resort of people who are not close to other people. So if you have friends and family committing suicide - you were not as close as you like to think you were.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm glad it never happened to you but that's just wrong! You're such an awful person to say such a thing! Suicide is a personal choice that affects everyone around you. But it is just that: A personal choice and not anyone's responsibility but the one that made the choice. You have a lot of nerve trying to pass blame for a suicide onto friends and family members when you flat out killed an innocent person!!

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