• no, im not that fast
  • There's nothing fast in my life but rarely. I like a slow mindful present in the company of others i love and respect. I will die when I die. Since i am only young in the eyes of my 60 ,70 and 80 year old friends.
  • OPPPS! I missed it! It just passed me by and didn't even honk! Guess now I will have to live slow and die old.
  • Nope, live young then die fast, sounds better.
  • No, I have a daughter, so I want to stay alive for her as long as possible.
    • kaetalist
      Living young and dying fast, can mean living to a long old age. You could still able to run down the road a 95, then die in your sleep that night. Ideal...?.. One thing is for sure we are all dying, its just a question of when???
    • tomplatz
      Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I don't plan to live fast. I think life is so beautiful to die young.
  • I've lived in the fast lane all my life and I'm too old to die Young now so I'll just keep living in the fast lane
  • Like Phoebe I don't even have a pla - **** Besides haven't you heard?... Its like Billy Joel said Only the good die young! *** That pretty much leaves me to live a long painful life! hehe . I learned early in life if you make a plan someone else will screw it up, so its best to learn to adapt to changes. I never planned to live this long and I certainly never knew it would be this painful. But Mom died before 60 and my sperm donor lived into his 70's so hopefully my sentence will be over soon!

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