• Wakko
      Fine then, just toss and turn your flesh off. :P
  • Revelation 14:11. Says there is no rest to those who worship the beast and receive his mark..forever,, can you imagine that?? Whereas believers in Christ have rest forever!!
  • No. I plan on moving on to whatever comes next and looking forward to it
  • No. I have faith that whatever God has in store for me is exactly what I deserve. I'd rather my body be eaten by wild animals and dumped across the earth for fertilizer so I can forever be a part of the cycle of life on earth than buried 6 ft under in a confined space to rot. I should put that in an advance directive. But I detest paperwork! Will you handle that for me Wakko? Just call the VA and tell them I said so. hahahahaha Better yet let science take a poke at my body first. They can dump the rest in the mountains for the wolves and ravens. O.k., o.k. I know its the flies and beetles that get you, but I'd rather envision running with the wolves or flying with the ravens for a time before I'm dumped. I don't believe I will remain in my body after death anyway. But I do believe I will receive a perfect resurrected body with a perfected mind. I don't care about mansions or streets of gold. God knows this. I just want to be able to run and dance and be happy again! I want to know who my mother really is without the damaged brain. So many things others take for granted. I want to live with people I can trust who won't hurt me. People who choose to be good and do good to one another.
  • Every Night!

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