• Yes but sometimes I just want to get my "2 cents" in. I believe there is value in just giving a thumbs up to an existing answer if I believe it is spot on. I also like to look at responses when I have no idea the answer to somebodys question. I like to see if I can learn something or if believe the people answering really know what they are talking about.
    • Linda Joy
      I've looked at a lot of answers because I wanted to learn as well! And I've also just posted what I thought. I'm less likely to read all the answers if there are a lot of them.
    • Trivial_Pursuit
      Yes too. I also do that looking on the answers first to see if someone already answered directly what was I'm thinking about to answer. And if they have what in my mind I'll just give it a thumbs up. But I also love to share my exact opinion in mind. And also, if I really don't know the answer, just like you guys, I also look to the answers to learn.
  • Not always. Once, someone gave the same answer that I did, and a troll said we were the sma3e person.
    • Linda Joy
      Because that's what you do! You're a fake.
  • not really

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