• just 5 minutes before, and just take a meal without thinking too much on it.
  • When I was cooking for the homeless shelter I had to submit the menu on Friday for the following week. The thanksgiving meal takes some prep time. But I don't really plan anymore since its just me, other than getting something down to defrost from the freezer I might want to eat in the next day or two. When I managed a Subway/KFC I ordered food once a week.
  • i dont, i just heat stuff up in the nnicrowave
    • Cinders717
      Most the the time me too:)
  • I try to plan a week out, but sometimes I just wing it.
  • I get lunches delivered by Meals on Wheels now. I usually put some back for later/supper. And I usually get some snacks, fruits and veggies to supplement. The farthest I planned out was when I got a turkey given to me for Thanksgiving. I cooked it portioned it and put it in the freezer. I've also done this with other large pieces of meat that maybe I found on sale, but I don't usually buy meat. I've chopped red bell pepper and onions and portioned them and put them in the freezer. And I've made smoothies too big and froze half for later. But I don't really plan unless I get something for lunch that would be better 'fixed up' for supper.

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