• It all depends on HOW you say it. You can put in good times and things and such in it.
  • it sounds okay to nne but that dont nnean you wont ever see your friend again, you can fly down and visit each other or ennail and call each other, it doesnt have to be goodbye
    • SimpleJay24
      Very true, and I'm sure over time we will travel to visit each other and we will call/text each other as often as we can, it's just not the same as being able to hangout whenever. I definitely do not want it to be a goodbye, but it is a goodbye for now since I have no clue when I will see him again.
    • DancesWithWolves
      This is sad , you need to look ahead at seeing him again , concerning your age , I would say never tell anyone good bye , it's bad luck and that is like telling them your never seeing him again and it seems like your a bit of younger , maybe your moving cause your parents job take you to Florida well I wish you the best but and again saying good bye is bad luck and just tell him I will be seeing you and tell him , Never do again .

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