• I let them start at 14 out in the country on private property, with me in the car. Oh the fun of trying to teach kids how to drive. *Rolls Eyes*
  • I believe one has to be 15 to get their restricted license in Florida. So... I'm thinking it'll be part of their 15th birthday celebration.
  • Whenever they get their permit. (You have to be 16 to get your permit where I live.)
  • Depend on their own way of thinking.
  • Simple. As long as you're living under my roof, you won't get your license until you could provide a high school diploma. I believe that should be law in all 50 states. Watch the drop-out level drop big time if that becomes law.
  • My son will be 16 next year. I hope he will start his driving lessons at that age, if he is mature enough. ;-)
  • Whatever the state/regional/national driving age is
  • I'll make sure that they are aware of the state laws, when they can get their permit and license, and tell them that whenever they want to I can go to the RMV with them and help them get started. Same thing with jobs. When they're 14 I'll let them know that they are eligible for part time work. I'm not going to pressure them on which direction to go in, I just want to make sure that the information is available to them.
  • When they can afford the driving lessons and pay for their car.
  • as the legal age in our country is 18 they will be 18 before I allow them behind the wheel.
  • I'd really like mine to start out the way I did: at low speed on a tractor or lawn tractor. I want her to learn to control the vehicle before she starts worrying about what other drivers are doing. I want her to know the basics of how a car is assembled and how it works before she drives, so she knows the stress points of a car and what to do if it breaks down. I want her to get experience in rain and snow in an empty parking lot before she tries it on the road. I want to know she knows the rules of the road before she ventures out too. Before she passes the written test at the courthouse, she is going to have to pass the "mama test." Whenever she has mastered all that, is of legal age and has demonstrated that she is able to be responsible, I'll let her drive. My husband's boss lost his son the weekend he got his license to a firey car wreck. Our next door neighbor's grandchild lost an eye to a car wreck in her first weeks of driving. The neighbor on the other side lost a grandchild a couple of years ago, riding in the car of a girl who'd just gotten her license. There was a kid killed in my high school for every year I was in school, and it was a very small school. There is at least one kid killed in the county where I live every year. That first year or two behind the wheel is fraught with danger and I don't want to lose my only child.
  • 18 although two of them are older than this and they have not made the choice yet. Really expensive anyway.
  • I started driving at about 15, and didn't get my license until I was 17. It was a good decision to make, as I think it should depend on your driving ability, not your age.
  • Well, unless the laws change in Illinois they'll be 15 when they take Driver's Ed. The thought frightens me!
  • I will let them learn at age 16 and they can drive by them selves at age 18
  • 14 with me in the vehicle while in the city as long as they have a learners license, then 16 without me. I got my license on my 16th birthday.
  • I don't have any children but I wasn't allowed to get my license until I was 18. I wanted to get it at 16 but my parents thought I was too young. Before I got my license, they would let me practice in empty store parking lots and my church parking lot. :)
  • legally?
  • My daughter is 6 and I'm teaching her every week, No bull!
  • 15 to a drivers permit 16 for a license AAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!! *pulls hair out* LMAO!!
  • I don't have children, but I will be allowed to drive should I ever get a license. Our parents have taught us to respect the laws of the land in which we reside.

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