• you might still grow some, i would just be thankful youre not 4ft5 like me
    • Linda Joy
      She happens to have limited mobility due to joint surgery. And scored 70 on an employment exam. She has valid reasons for her employment difficulties. Besides the logistical and physical issues involved because of her short stature. Frankly I admire her persistence! At least she didn't give up, sit down and say I can't! Little People, Big Woes in Hollywood: Low Pay, Degrading Jobs and a Tragic Death "For their contribution to Hollywood history, the Munchkins were paid less than Dorothy's dog, Toto, who earned $125 per week for her owner and trainer. Singer Midgets were paid $50 per week ($900 in 2016 dollars) and never saw their names on the big screen."
  • As tall as Finn McCool.
  • Generations generally get taller than the ones before, so you could still have a growth spurt!
  • Taller than Michael J. Fox. 😄

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