• Tell her openly and candidly what you think and how you feel, don't be intimidated by another human being, and don't try to win her approval. After that ignore her until you start feeling better about the whole situation.
  • ignore her
  • My mother-and-father in law are both psychos! My advice would be to just stay away from her; you don't need her. This becomes a problem when you have kids because the witch will probably want to see them and if she is nice to them, you will probably not want to deprive them of seeing her. I do worry about what will happen in my marriage because of all the hell the in-laws cause. All I can say is good luck.
  • Yes, In-laws can cause some tension in the family. I find that applying the “Golden Rule” helps me to treat them with the same hospitality that I would give any other guests in my home. Although it isn’t always easy, I know that God sees the sacrifice that I am making in order to uphold His standards. I give them their due respect as my husbands parents, with the understanding that we will not all be “best friends” right now. I have left the door open and will welcome them with open arms when they are ready to accept their place in their son’s life. (Mat 7:12)

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