• Ok... One look at your self!!! Don't you think your being self fish??? He's busy for a reason right.... Don't you sleep by him at night, that's spending time with him.. maybe your asking to much... My boyfriend is going to school to become a dentist.. and he has no time... either i see at night after he studies... or for a couple of minutes during the day... and hey we don't live together... maybe he really love's you and see's your making a mistake... Also it seems like your not trying that hard to break up with him.. cause if you were.. you would have moved out....
  • Maybe you stay with him because he's the only one that would put up with that behavior. When you REALLY want to get on with your life, you just do it. People stay for many reasons that are complicated, but I don't see any complication here.
  • maybe you should leave then if he wont

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