• think about all the shitty things he has done to you
  • Kill him :)
  • Tell yourself he IS good for you, that will make you stop wanting him.
  • There is nothing to stop the temptation---we all have temptations to do things we know are no good for us. Because we think about it too much. Best way is to avoid thinking about it---Find something else to do w/ your thoughts. The more you do other things positive to occupy your time. The less you are tempted. Find a new friend.
  • Realize why you arent together. Maybe you need some sort of closure. Find someway to cut off all ties and answer all the "what ifs". I'd just ignore it, it doesnt seemlike something ro ruin a relationship over.
  • Put a rubber band around your wrist and every time you think of him pull it back and sting yourself as a reminder that he is not good for you.
  • Find a man who will treat you better.
  • Learn to love, like and appreciate YOURSELF MORE! Life is short...not a one of us knows how long we will actually live....with this in you REALLY want to waste a single day being unhappy? Don't you like the idea of waking up each day thankful that you DON'T HAVE TO BE UNHAPPY? Pick you a situation....surely something here will apply.... BAD RELATIONSHIPS...hmmmmm Oh what a joy to suspect that some solid asshole will demean or yell, or lie to me? Oh how I love to be financially taken advantage of.. It's always a thrill to do all of the housework, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry for someone who expresses as much appreciation for my efforts as a bug does when its been stepped on... Sex with someone who places a high value on the blow job demanded or guilt tripped into giving is so much better than sex with someone who delights in pleasing me as much as I willingly delight in pleasing him... I don't really deserve great orgasms anyhow...but the selfish cervix banger...well ... he does..(Ya think?) Isn't it always more wonder if most of this month's income will go towards Beer and/or Drugs...than to pay for the RENT, MORTGAGE, UTILITIES, CAR PAYMENTS, FOOD, CARE OF CHILDREN...I like to try and guess which important thing will capture the lion's share of our income...gambling??? Booze???? Drugs??? or...... OTHER WOMEN! I like to share! And how bout those sexually transmitted diseases!!!! Crabs tonight? Herpies? that's one that really says it all...and shows me that he wants to share a "forever after" sort of "gift." I like crying several times a week...after all a good cry helps remove toxins (from living in stress) from your system! JUST KEEP SAYING NO...and live HAPPY!
  • try to block him form your life... delete his number from your phone, delete him on aim or myspce..... try to avoid seeing him on the streets..... this way you wont have a choice! eventually you will be stronger and you wont need all of these things, but its good to start some way.
  • It's hard to stop the wanting but just don't actually go back to him.
  • i did that for years the only way to get over a ex is to find some1 better since i have i have nothing to miss because i have some1 better laying in my bed
  • Cop an attitude. Know that the more you get hurt the less it hurts. Rather you or your partner brake it off, after several heart-aches you will feel in control of your emotions and they won't get in the way of a better life. You will know your self worth and learn not to accept anything less. (Be Selfish)
  • think exactly know he's not good for you
  • Find someone new, he will be vanished from your head immideately.
  • Try to fill your time with productive activities- start an exercise class, learn a new hobby, take a class, redo your room- new paint, bedspread etc. Anything to be busy and productive. Some of the activities will expose you to new people and you may find the RIGHT guy, or a new girlfriend. It is human nature to return to the known when lonely even if it was bad. The justification is usually it will be better this time, but you know it wont or you would still be with him. I personally would rather have a bubble bath than be sent sailing down the hall by my ex (now) just to avoid being lonely. Several broken ribs later i have finally learned that lesson. I am not assuming that was the issue with you two, just saying bad is bad, wrong is wrong, there is no gray, so why do it to yourself?
  • Right now I can relate to the wanting him back, in my case he was awesome with me, pampered me with love and attention and out of nowhere decided to end the relationship. Is being two months already and I can't get him out of my mind and truly I want to get over him. I have those temptations to reach out to him, but I also have dignity and if wants to talk to me he's going have to reach out to me, he was the one who ended the relationship. Is extremely hard, because one things is the reality and another things is what you think.
  • When you find out let me know.....damn good sex!
  • i know what u mean i had that same problem, i just found someone else who was much better then him, i still think that my ex is hott but i would never date him again because i realised that he dont deserve me
  • I say,DECIDE.You have to firmly decide that when it's over, it's over. But if you continue to play this whole second time around thing in your mind, you won't be able to escape.Hard to do but it's harder to stay being a slave to love.DECIDE NOW which way to go.
  • And sweet too....i Meant you...hehhhehe.:)
  • you dont need the ex. Your just lonely. Hey what are you doing tonight?
  • Move on with your life and get involved with someone else
  • then go back to him!;-)
  • If you love him , then you should go back to him even though he isnt good for you.. at least you are happy because you love him
  • Remind yourself of why you broke up.
  • To be real with you, it's a process. If you really don't want to be back with him because you don't feel he has changed, you have to distance yourself for a while. To get your feeling centered to a point you can control them. Now if it's possible for you to guard your heart and still dip the waters to test it out, I say do it. It may be a closure thing as well. Also, remember it could be that you are holding on to what was good. To be real with you evaluate the whole realtionship within yourself and see what comes about.

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