• If you're not with her, you no longer have a say in where she hangs out. If she wants to be with you, then she needs to just do it. Why would you want to be hanging out at her new boyfriend's house anyway?
  • Leave her alone and consider the relationship over! She wants the best of both worlds and in the long run, someone will get hurt. Find you someone who wants to be open and honest.
  • He is not her boyfriend, she says they are just friends
  • I we get back together do you think i have the right to say that i do not want her to go over there if i am not there?
  • Should i trust her with him?
  • She took a 3 day break without calling or answering my phone with out telling me that she was taking a break, she hung out with him all those days, broke up with me, and spent all of her free time over ther
  • Why are you asking the same question twice?
  • because i want more people to answer, did you read the 3 day break to hang out with him, which she told me about after the break
  • I wonder if she's more worried about him getting jealous or you? I would get back with her but at the same time I'd tell her why you feel insecure about her spending time with a guy that you can never even meet. I would also be weary as it's hard to say whether or not she's using you, him or you both off you or no one at all. I also think that you need to be a little less controlling as that's the message that I'm getting off of you. You probably don't mean it to come out that way but being careful that the right message (not the wrong one) gets across is imperative to any long term relationship.
  • I'm afraid we don't have enough information to properly advise you about their relationship, but I do have to point out one thing. There is no "allowing" her to go over to his house. You can argue against it, sure, but the moment you try to forbid it, you're the one being jealous.
  • Do you think i should be with her if she still goes over to his house evne though i told her how it makes me feel, when i say allow i mean should i stay with is she does
  • Do you think it is strange for me not to be allowed at his house even though i have never hung out with him?
  • He has told her that she is interested in being with her
  • i have been married for 8 years, now in the proces of getting a dovorce, but not beacause of anthing we did and or didn't do, myself ,i have i never told my wife where and when she can go anywher or to be back at a certain time , that is her decision and her's alone, to tell someone where they can go or not ot go,is being the controoling person, if that person loves you then thyey will make the right decision.
  • i would think no, becuase she probly wants to hang with him becuase they did something while they were on the 3 day break, and i wouldn't trust her after not telling you, and just the fact that ure not allowed over his house is something right there
  • You realize that you started your question with, "My girl broke up with me..." right? If she broke up with you, that was her way of saying, "I don't want to be with you anymore." That means she's NOT your girl. Not anymore anyway. The problem is that you have no right to exercise any control over whether she comes or goes, what she does, or who she does it with. I don't know why you would think it's ok for you to go to your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend's house. That's just creepy. Nobody likes a stalker. If she wanted to get back with you, she would just do it. If she hasn't, it's because you're creeping her out and she just doesn't want you to kill her in a jealous rage.
  • if she wants to get back with you what is she doing going to his house? and why the hell is he getting jealous if they just met..obviously something is going on between them and she doesn't quite want it to end nor do she want to lose wanna be treated like a booty call? your decision..if not you need to give her an ultimatum..either she's with you or with him..that should show you who shes cares about more..she can't have the best of both worlds..what a bi***
  • Neither of you can "allow" or not allow. You are each your own person and can go where ever you want whenever you choose.
  • Dude, give her up as a bad job. She obviously wants to be with the other guy now. Consider the relationship over and look for another girl who will treat you with proper respect. This one is trying to keep both of you guys on a string so don't be part of her silly little game. It will hurt for a while but in the long run, you will be happier without someone so manipulative.
  • um dude, she's not with you. She likes that guy. Sorry. move on.
  • Sounds like she's really not that interested in you anymore.
  • you cant really control what she does
  • you cant stop her

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