• Be glad he is taking an interest in you some men don't care and are just interested in what THEY are doing, thinking, or looking like. Work it into a positive and/or make it into a joking matter.
  • I am a lucky woman. My husband complains about nothing except the jerks and goof-offs at work. He is extremely easy to please & compliments me often on meals I cook, how I look, and what I wear. This, after 25 years of wedding bliss!
  • Thankfully my husband never complains. He is one hell of a treasure! I hear people say that when they complain of those kinds of things that something bigger is really the to find out what that is? No idea...sorry.
  • Mine did. I suffered with his disapproval for nearly 20 years. Stupid, stupid, stupid woman I was. I finally realized that there was nothing wrong with me or how I did things. He was manipulating me by his hyper critical actions and attitudes. I tried everything over the years to get him to love me, trust me, understand that I was not a failure and loved him more than I loved me. Didn't work! So, when I was faced with proof that my kids were learning a lot from this situation and were going to grow up with stunted emotional capabilities, I got out. They say that we teach others how to treat us. It is true. If you aren't able to teach him how to treat you right because you don't know what "Right" is, get it figured out. Counseling helped me understand what I deserved and how to insist on being treated with dignity. My ex couldn't change, so I left. . You have the right and the responsibility to stop this, or allow it to continue. How you are treated is up to you.
  • No, my husband never complains and neither do I complain about him. If one of us thinks the other is doing something wrong or badly, we'll talk about it but it isn't a free for all and we stick to on topic about it. I guess it comes from respecting each other and what they other person brings to the relationship. Plus we always think of each other as being on the same side and not opposite sides.
  • i never do anything right. i am college educated, work, i have raised three children survived cancer and other pressures. in my husband's view i never do anything right. he critizes my friends and calls them losers. He belittles my job and asks me when i am going to get a real job. He critizes my care of the house, kids and just about everything. Lately, he has been telling me that there alot of women out there. Two weeks ago when it was revealed that John Edwards had an affair when his wife was battling breast cancer, he told me, that since i was a breast cancer survivor he should be able to have an affair also. My esteem is at an all time low. Too compound the problem one of my best friends just passed away from complications related to diabetes. I feel so alone. marde
  • Responding to marde, You're not alone.. It happens in my house too. He criticizes and complains about everything - (how much money, mileage, gas, and complains about meals). I can't do anything right. It is upsetting and it doesn't stop. I really believe it's their way of making us leave home - but I won't. I'm also college educated and work a good job. But he continually undermines the value of my intelligence. The only problem I'm a little too old to leave and start all over again - it's not worth the expense. Just remember we are only kidding ourselves to think they love us the same way we love them. Hang in there and spend time with good friends and hobbies that interest you. Remember we are all beautiful people and deserve the best in life. Don't let him affect your self-esteem. If you need a friend, you could call on me.
  • I've been in that situation myself and you have to ask yourself is your mental and emotional health at risk? Mine was so i left, even if it means being on my own at least i'm happier because i love myself more than he did.
  • We moved a few years ago, he agreed on the area but now complains constantly that I chose it and he never agreed on it, even though my mother and law was at the table when we had the discussion and he said it was okay, we were living in a high price area which we could no afford with 3 children, so we moved to a new state. He makes me feel like crap because for the past three years everything that goes wrong is my fault for me making us move, his choosing a business partner that brought him down ( and I told him not to go into business with him), the commute to work, no finding employees, the high price of gas, hell the war could even be my fault. What can I do I live with stress ever day of my life but I do love my husband.
  • my husband bitches and complains constantly and then denies he does it. It makes me so miserable to the point I feel like i'm going to go insane
  • My ex-husband is the same way. He has borderline personality disorder. They are hell to live with. In my case, the only way for me to retain my sanity (after 20 yeaars of marriage) was to get a divorce.
  • When my husband complains about something he would have done differently than a man, I say "You should have married a Man." I'm not you or a man. LOL On a serious note, my husband complains mostly when he's sad about something or needs to work on something. I'd try find and good place and time to talk. For us, it's usually when we go for a walk.
  • He complains only out of concern when he thinks I am putting myself in harm's way.
  • I haven't got a husband.

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