• It happens to me maybe for a few weeks a year. I get over it when the weather is nice. Maybe it's just the winter that makes me want to stay indoors and not socialize.
  • Yes, I go through those phases (usually about 2 week phases) probably once every 2 months.
  • Yes, but I am a people person, so when I shut myself off from the world...There is something horribly wrong.
  • chronic depression perhaps? (it's not like depressed all the time but there are phases exactly what you described, except for my "normal" state - the neither hi nor low - is still lower than average)
  • Sure I have. I am like that even today. I am careful about who is in my life. Too much drama drains me and I have a finite amount of energy. I guess it's because I grew up as an only child AND that I never had anybody to talk to, period. I got used to being alone and I have been making adult decisons since I was 7 years old. I am perfectly content by myself! I love people and appreciate them, but aside from my husband and babies, I find I don't really need too many folks. I enjoy introspective time :)
  • I do it all the time. I love being alone with my animals. I have plenty to do in the country.
  • I swing between being an introverted and extroverted personality. I used to worry about it and thought there was something wrong with me, but now I think it's just my introvert side needing to recharge. I need that time on my own.
  • Sure, it happens. I have been there. Last time it was about a loss of a loved one. I was very low and grieving. I would not allow any help..from other family or friends. That was maybe not wise, but it was something I had to work through on my own.
  • They called it "prison" for me. I hope you feel better.
  • i called it a breakup... cold hearted witch.., ohh it was my fault anyway, who am i to judge?
  • Oh yeah, i did that a few times. It wasn't depression... i just needed a break. Just needed to step away from all the drama and stress. I left the state and rented a hotel room in FL for a month... isolated myself from everything I knew. I didnt even want to come back... and when I did, it just got worse.
  • Yeah. I just feel like being isolated now and then, and it really does me some good to spend time alone, out of contact with everyone for a bit
  • It is usually in some way linked to depression... But I'm not really a people person, if somone invites me out, i'll probably go (unless there is good reason) but I'm not the one to arragne stuff usually. I'm really surprised that I still have friends to be honest...
  • If that was accompanied by apathy and indifference toward a lot of different things (and maybe fatigue or changes in normal sleep...hyper/insomnia), that could have been a mild form of depression (maybe not clinical depression, but you don't have to be sad to be depressed). I do occasionally go through phases like this, but it's usually only for a short period of time.
  • I prefer the company of family over friends,I was once social with friends,and regret it because loved ones later passed on,so I don't like being around friends,I have always considered co-workers friends.
  • Nope, sorry, sound like depression to me.
  • i feel like im doing that now

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