• not sure yet
  • You can't just give a horse any ole name. It has to fit his personality and be something he likes. If you want to know which one he likes, watch his ears and body language.
    • lavender
      LOl that is a cute answer
  • Lightening or Starburst. I always wanted a horse or a pony lol:)
    • lavender
      Thank you for being the only one who used their imagination, pretended, and answered accordingly. lol
  • I'd have to see it and get a feel for its personality. Both of ours were named wrong. Star should have been named Perception and Kaleb should have been named Asshole!
    • Roaring
      I'm curious, how did Kaleb earn such a title from you?
    • Linda Joy
      LOL only just saw this. Kaleb wouldn't let Star eat. We had to feed them on separate sides of a partition or Kaleb would bite her when she came near the food. He also got loose once and I did as Wes told me to get him back home. I took a carrot and the bridle to him and every time I tried to put the bridle on him he'd lift his head so I couldn't reach to put it on! I managed to lead him home with the carrot anyway. But he was an asshole for the way he treated Star.
  • Dead, I can't afford to feed it. 11.21.2018
  • Would have to observe its character for the good name to emerge!

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