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  • how many jobs have you applied for?
  • Certainly ending it all is one option. There are other options that justify consideration. Perhaps it would help to fully identify yourself, to acknowledge that you are unique, that you are special and most wonderful. Learn to like, love and accept yourself, as you are, and without judgment. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have unlimited options ahead of you. Look at all the oors you can open. Take any job, regardless of what it pays. Envision the kind of job you would really like to have. While working at something, consider how you might do the thing/work you would really like. Hold that vision and then ask what steps you would need to take to get that job. Break the steps down into baby steps. Then take the first baby step. Then take the secone. Then...
  • no. think about how that would affect your family/mother. its not worth it to end your life, 27 isnt very old, you have A LOT of time to find love/a boyfriend. you have time to make friends, join a social club or something. or even go to a church, they have liek adult bible studies where everyone is usually very friendly/accepting and you can make great friends there. and just keep trying to find a job, when the right one comes up youll know it. you dont want a job that you dont really enjoy.
  • What you do HAVE is life. And it is very precious. Just try counting all of the things you do have. All of the things that are blessings. They are there. All of the things you listed will make you stronger :-)
  • You should not worry at all about friends and especially a boyfriend until you have a job. . Do you have a car? . Ending your life would be pretty selfish of you when you compare your life to other people misfortunes around the world. at least YOU HAVE a mother and she is allowing you to stay there. . You life is no more a nightmare than any other person. . Do you have a high school diploma or GED?
  • Dont kill urself, seriously like ur 27 uhave lots of life up ahead if u have no job well search harder apply to everyplace in ur community no friends go out to the bar and meet people, no boyfriend well i cant help u there living with ur mom ur lucky u have a mom letting u stay with her... think about the good in ur life
  • I wasn't much better at that age. My life is fine now. There's no single thing I can say, just that you have to survive the present in faith that it will get better later.
  • Take it one day at a time... Everything changes in time... This too, shall pass... Look for things to be thankful for each day, no matter how small... consider, you have a roof over your head, some people don't... you have your health, some others don't... you can go out and look for a job, and there are those who cannot... Times may seem hard, if you dwell on them much, so, it's better to be present in the moment and don't dwell on the past - be hopeful about what the future holds in store for you... In the future, you'll have a better job than before, you'll have a better car, you'll have a better girlfriend than you had in the past, and you'll see somehow in retrospect that what you're going though now all works out for the best... Believe it, and you'll see it come to pass... I've been where you are, and I may be again... I haven't had a relationship in over 10 years, haven't worked in almost 2, but one day at a time is all you can do... and know that the future holds promise of better things for both me and you...
  • PLEASE read my answer here - You WILL find another job... I've been looking for five (5) years and I'm 53. I'm married, have a mortgage, utilities, etc. I have NO toes, my left knee only bends 90 degrees, and I HAVE to use hand-controls to drive my van. I use a mobility scooter most places, though I CAN walk a bit (I get ulcers on my feet that take forever to heal.) SS Disability works for now, but with costs rising, I'm not sure WHAT to do. BUT, I DO know one thing... Suicide is NOT the way to go. Actually, neither is drinking or drugs. It WILL get better. Years from now, you will look back and say to yourself, "What the hell was I thinking?"
  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! I feel your desperation. It feels lousy to be in your mom's basement. This is a difficult time and lots of people are going through it. If you're desperately seeking employment, I assume you're looking for work as many hours as you'd be working if you had a job. If you have no friends, look for the volunteering opportunities in your newspaper and volunteer for something that appeals to you. You'll meet people who have similar feelings and ideas as your own. The best way to change your life is to help change the life of someone else and do something good for somebody else.
  • you could join the greats like jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison and kurt cobain......they all pulled the pin at 27.......have you written any good songs?
  • DONT DO IT! i had a friend commit suicide this year he may be in a better place but it ruined the lives of many people he left behind especially his family
  • You can get a new job, new friends, new boy friend... but you won't get a new life... Life is not always easy but it does not mean that all your life will be like that... keep trying and you will get everything you want... As for a friend everybody here is your friend... I am also your friend if you like
  • Life is always going to have its ups and downs. I've had several times when my life seemed to be so awful that it wasn't worth living. When I was 23 I was separated from my husband and went to live in my parent's basement. I had my Bachelor's degree, and still nothing really going for me. I was working nights at a $7.00 an hour factory job, and getting nowhere. Suddenly I met a friend, and she set me up on a blind date with a crazy guy who had just got out of prison. I was so lonely and bored, that I just went for it. Sometimes things just happen if we let them, and then snowball from there. The point is, that things can only get better and you do always have a chance to help them along, Do something out of character for you, like join a club or like another post said, volunteer somewhere. It'll keep you busy and open doors to contacts . Next thing you know, you'll have that job you want, and friends, too. If you need someone to talk to, email me. My email is on my profile.
  • Dearest friend, Its only a negative apporch to commutee suicide, it does not give anything than the most shock to your family, I don't know what problem ur facing but remember that life shows both good and bad days though it showing you bad days but I know that they can over soon. And of job then send me your bio-data I will try to search job for you So find the joy in everyday life like singing, listing really good songs can help u to overcome ur difficulty. SO GREETINGS FOR UR JOYFUL LIFE
  • I will be your friend. If you ever want to talk or anything, email me...
  • Theres no need to be thinking about ending your life. For there is no gain in doing so. If anything it would just cause pain to those know you & love. As far as having it bad in this world. We'll you don't have to look far to find others who are going through life, far worse than yourself. When you think your at your lowest. Just go to a Hospital a pay a visit, to those who are in the intensive care unit. Also another way to maybe get out of that depressed state your in. Is to find a good local Church & speak to the pastor about your problems. Thats what they are there for. They may know someone from their Church who could use you & put you to work. If you don't know where look for such a place there in Metro Detroit. Just start here at...... Good Luck my FRIEND. And remember there's always someone else out there who needs you. You are here for a reason. And when you began to help others in need. You will start to see, how your own needs are being meet. It just takes time & will power to go on with life. No matter what life throws at you. You can most likely always find the good, if you just look hard enough. And never forget that there are other's out there who will help you look for it.......Again I say, Good Luck my FRIEND.......:)......M.C.S.
  • holy crap, you're me.
  • We need to get together. I'm living with my dad, going to college - struggling with that, unemployed and getting calls every day from moneygrubbers. *hugs* It is so hard, don't let anyone tell you it's not. Hit me up if you need to vent about anything.
  • yeah, i am in that club right now too! i trying to stay optimistic about waking up but its convergence with reality is becoming ever more apparent... convince your parents that this place is as screwed up as we say it is before you let them convince you that you can do things the way that "they did it" times have changed... keep your head up. *.*
  • Even if you are not a religious person, go to any church and tell those things to the Priest, Pastor or Minister. They will be able to refer you to people willing to help you.
  • Things like that happen to a lot of people. My kids got laid off all the time. I have kids moving in and out, still. Their in thier 30s. Things can change in one day, in one minute. Never give up. You're not alone. Your family is there. Can you call a crisis center. Nothing can be so bad as wanting to end such a young life. Please tell your mom or anothe family member, call 911 if you have to. There are places out there that can help you get your life back together. Please get help, please?
  • I am your friend indeed ... you are welcome to stay at my place anytime you wish (seriously) ... Rather than let the negative get you down ... You must believe that some of us do care for you ... and we will help if your hand is out ... Remember! ... my door is open for you ... Don't ever think about wasting your precious life ... It's as important as any other on this beautiful Earth ... regardless of your current affairs you must use any amount of positive thought and get passed this temporary down moment in your life ... You will think differently in time ... Email me if you want or need to talk ... it is listed. Cheers A True Friend Down Under . Look here for a smile
  • ...sad another person thinking of scuicide when their life aint that bad... Ever since i can remember (age three) i was beaten by my birthfather. He went to jail when i was eight for molesting my sister. He then created chaos in the family and since i did not support him i became a "black sheep". I am the last of six i only see my sister once a year at most. She was brainwashed into believeing that it was our fault for what happened to her... She stayed with my aunt (who brainwashed her). I had to learn to take care of our house. Mom had to get a full time job and we went bankrupt and almost lost our house. I was bullied in school because i took my schoolin seriously and i was country... I almost got killed three times in school just because people didn't like who i am. The love of my life doesn't want me and broke my heart. So you think your life is bad??? mine was hell
  • Read this first:
  • it will kill your mother. My sister did that 10 years ago, I'm still screwed up. She just transferred her pain to me. Your life is not a nightmare. You're safe in your mothers basement. Get some job skills, take some accounting classes. Most people dont have friends or boyfrinds when they dont have any money. Job first. Will your mother let you stay for a while and take some classes? I know how bad life can be. I lost both my parents at age 20, then my sister blew her head off when I was 27. Chin up-the economy is bad right now, wait it out.
  • Wow. You and I live the same life, only I'm 26 and haven't moved back into my parents house yet. I don't think they would let me. I have the same thoughts as you do. No matter how many jobs I apply for, I still don't have one. It's stressful and scary because I have no idea how much longer its going to take. I think that the reasons why I haven't ended my life is because I'm to scared to even try, and because it would hurt my mother so much. She's been helping me through all of this. Calls all the time to tell of a new job opening that she's heard of and such. My friends were helpful for a while, but now I just get pity looks. It makes me want to punch them. Just try to be positive and remind yourself of all the people who would be sad and hurt if you died. Just keep job hunting and waking up everyday and coming on AB and make friends. Send me an email or IM if you ever want to talk, because I know how you are feeling.
  • Been there done that, moved on. I'm not saying it's easy, but you gotta cope. Life isn't all sunshine and lollipops. I've lost most of my friends and only have the one via e-mail, might be getting divorced since my wife of seven years loves me but is o longer in love with me, have blown up a beater car a year for the last 8 years 'cuz I can't afford anything over a grand, owe 4 grand in back rent and utilities, have a knee that gives out whenever there is a storm coming after an unfortunate incident with 1500 pounds of sheetrock..... If you think you are the only one with problems then you're selfish at best. Many of us have nightmarish lives. You're not alone. Far from it.
  • Welcome to the ways of the world, no job equals you're stuck with your parents if they aren't dead, sometimes you don't get any friends of any type. It sucks, it's wrong, but you have to move on.
  • Oh honey, I've so been there and at about the same age too. Forced to move home by poor health, I had to go back to living with my mother and my evil stepfather. I was in pain all the time, no job, no degree, had never had a boyfriend. I was lonely, beat down and miserable. At one point, right before I moved home, I had the suicide note composed and the deed planned. Then I thought about what it would do to my mother if I did. I hated my stepfather, but I adored my mother. If it weren't for her unfortunate taste in men, she'd have been nearly perfect. I also thought about what it would do to the friend I was planning on "borrowing" the gun and ammo from. I thought about what it would do to my grandmother and to everyone else who had ever loved me and I sucked it up and moved back home. If I had ended it there I would have missed the best parts of my life. Life is a struggle from the moment you first see light until they start shoveling dirt on you. I won't deny that. But there are beautiful parts in between. Much of being happy is just learning to say "Lord, your will be done. I trust that you will use this hard time for my good. I trust that you are there to lean on. I trust you love me. I trust you have better things ahead and I will hang on and wait for them." By the way, what he had ahead for me was meeting the most wonderful man I have met before or since. Motherhood. A beautiful daughter that I couldn't love more if I tried. I still have health problems. I still hurt a lot of the time, but I have gotten answers and effective treatments that make life a lot better. my doctor's have become close friends. My child has had cancer, but through that God brought me a lot of loving friends who carried us through it. I've nursed my mother through cancer to the end, but the experience bonded us together more tightly than we had ever been. It bonded my mother and husband tightly as well, as he tenderly cared for her for six years. That gave her a chance to know that all men aren't jerks before she died. I live in a neighborhood where I know the names of every person in every house I can see, their children and grandchildren. I love them all. I have a church where nearly every person there is a close friend (I define friend as someone you can call in the middle of the night and say my car is broke down, please come and get me, and by the way I'm 3 hours away, and know the answer will be "give me directions, let me get some pants and keys and I'll be there as soon as I can) No matter how bad things are now, know they will get better if you only hang on. And know that you will leave a world of pain worse than you are in now for every person you love if you go through with it.
  • Hey, Anonymous, could you please post something on here so we know you are still with us. Be accountable to us. It will give you something to hang on to. A lot of people put a lot of effort into answering you on here. They wouldn't do that if they didn't think that every life, including yours, is important. So how about thanking them by letting them know you are still here?
  • I'll be your freind :)
  • Are you still there? We haven't heard from you in a few days.
  • Hi, I know how u feel but trust me everyone during their life time goes through rough times at least once and I guess now it's your turn. Listen don't worry about ur job and living at ur mothers, It could be much worse. I felt like you for a long time, I felt like my life was not going anywhere since my fiancee has left me for my best friend and i was going insane but then i realized I came to this world for some reason and I'll stay and do my best until my time is here so please don't do it, trust me its gonna get better. If u ever need to talk or something write to me:)
  • It sounds like you are suffering from a feeling of powerlessness, a lack of control over your life, which is overwhelming you and causing you despair. Of course, that feeling isn't entirely false. There are external forces beating you down, like that lay off, and other things I'm sure. You feel you can't control these external forces, and you can't. What you CAN do is minimize their impact on your psyche. Right now, you can't see what you DO have control over in your life, but once you start exercising what power you do have, it will be easier to accept the external forces on your life and your own lack of control. In order to start exercising what power you have, I think you need to change your life goals. You are suffering because what you once had is gone. As you know, you can't get it back. But you're also suffering because your present situation is intolerable. That you CAN do something about; however it won't be the way you envisioned, and it won't be like how it was before. For instance, you say you can't find work even though you try, but have you applied to McDonald's? Obviously, you don't want to work at McDonald's, and neither do I so I don't blame you, BUT if you were to work at McDonald's, maybe part-time, you would start to earn a small amount of money that, if you stay in the basement, you can save. During this time, nothing is stopping you from looking for a better job. That better job doesn't have to be your dream job: any job is probably better than McDonald's, right? Eventually, you'll find a better job, and you'll also have some money saved. Maybe by that time, you can afford to move out, or you can continue to stay in the basement and save money and look for an even better job. Having a plan like this can really alleviate the overwhelming feelings of helplessness and despair. Getting out of the house and working--even if just at McDonald's--will also help curb those overwhelming feelings. It won't be ideal, but it will show you that you do have some control over your life. You say you have no friends and no boyfriend. That is very difficult, I know. Have you tried an online dating service? I know, that isn't ideal, but if you found friends/lovers through that service, would that be better than where you are now? It might be worse than where you were before, or worse than how you wish it could be, but it would be better than now, right? That's what you need to focus on: better than now. Forget before. Forget the ideal. They don't exist. You might also spend some time considering self-improvement. As your two primary complaints are your loneliness and your unemployment, focus on these areas. Is there anything about your appearance or manners that reflect poorly on you, in either a social or professional setting?
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You are valuable. Let noone else make you think different. You got your mum to help you out. if you killed yourself, she would be crushed. There are people who care about you.Don't upset them drastically by doing this
  • Life can turn on a sixpence, this saying is so true. Be brave, get out there and join some kind of social group, whether this be yoga, belly dancing, aerobics or if you're religious a church. Just somewhere where you can interact with other human beings. Try anything once! On the positive, you're 27 there's so many exciting things that will happen in your life, even if it doesn't look like it now. Hang in there for the good times that will inevitably come. When I had my son my life was complete and suddenly had meaning, everything else that used to be important to me, money, good career, dozens of friends became totally insignificant. Although he wasn't planned and I'm not with his father and my career has reached a complete standstill. There will be something in your life one day that brings you the answer to the point of life, wait and see what it is, it'll be worth waiting for. I wish you all the best.
  • Which is worse, been in a crap situation which you can one day make better without a doubt and start having a good life ....or....being stuck in a deep hole in the ground with nothing but blackness and no way back?
  • maybe you should get some help instead
  • maybe you should get some help then instead of killing yourself
  • You don't want to take your life (( Hugs ))

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