• A hard copy of your medical records must be available onsite at all times at the physician's office. The reason for this is that copies kept outside the facility can, and many times, are, altered, forged, sold, lost or misplaced, and oftentimes pages purposely left out when brought back to the physician. It would be a suspicious request as many people "doctor hop" in order to obtain pain medications, etc. prescribed by numerous physicians/dentists/specialists. You can, however, request, and indeed are entitled to, a copy of your own to keep in a safe place of your choosing. Hope this helps. Side Note: Many medical records are being placed on computers to cut down on all the paper, therefore, that information will be on file at your physician's office in that form rather than in a "chart" form. Curious: Why do you ask, if I may be so bold? Have a great day. Teresa
  • 01-01-2017 A doctor's records are legal evidence to be brought into court when needed. They are not yours to demand. You can have a copy of the information. That's it.

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