• Of course.
  • Yes, he can be raped by a woman or a man.
  • Rent the movie Pulp Fiction.
  • yes... a good example of this is when bree raped her husband on desperate hosewives. bree and her husbands mum used sleeping pills and viagra...i know disturbing lol
  • Ask any of them if they have had a stint in prison, and they'll tell you yes. If a man walks alone at night in some neighbourhoods it can happen, but more lively to happen to females though.
  • in jail everyone gets raped from bodybuilders to small slim guys somehow there are a lot of gay fellers in jail also u can be raped after getting poisened or after passing out or after being knocked out or when u get tortured but men get raped by (maybe gay) men not by women so dont get ko dont get poisened dont drink alcohol and dont get imprisoned but i think u r pretty safe arround gay guys i think most rapists are "hetero" men who are just sorry excuses for a man and they probably got raped themselves A REAL MAN DONT RAPES
  • As others have already said, a man can be raped, and in most cases it occurs in prison and by other men. According to countless reports, many of these men that do the raping don't even consider themselves gay, but gay sex is all that is available on a regular basis so that is what they go for. Many don't believe it can happen but it does, women can rape men also... rape doesn't have to be an overpowering of a person for sex, it can be subversive as well, like giving someone a drug to knock them out first, but some women are strong enough to over power weaker men and have done so. Rape is a sexual violation that can occur to anyone.
  • If a man with a gun tells you to give him your watch and wallet and to drop your pants and bend over, what u gona do? Thats rape my friend
  • Yes...and they can be raped by women as well as by men. :(
  • I have chatted with at least two guys who have been raped, so I know for a fact that the answer is yes. One was taken advantage of when he was drunk by a girl who is apparently "disgusting" and "rapes any guy she can at parties" and he got an STD because of her and the other was taken advantage of by a really weird woman who apparently got arrested the next day.
  • Yes and you'd be surprised how many men are physically abused domestically by their partners. If you think it's one way you couldn't be more wrong.
  • I think so. they may be manipulated into it, the same way a woman may be used for sex. or younger kids maybe ages 10 to 17 may be orally sexually abused by others, and not trying to stop it. It's very sad. :(
  • Yes you can be raped regardless of your gender.
  • Yep ~ it sure is.
  • Have you ever see pulp fiction?
  • yes a man can get raped I was raped in one night by three men one after the next for a about three hours . it change me for ever and no I was not asking for it and I thought the guys were my friend we played football together .
  • Of course it is, as well as black women and children, they qualify also as rape victims!!
  • yes if a man is not willing and the woman or women or males do it anyways
  • uh, yeah. it actually happens.
  • yes because rape is being made to have sex against your will. a woman can force a man to have sex if they were like really butch lol
  • yes up the bum by another man or with a woman with speceial equipment.
  • Yes, it’s possible. In ancient times Amazons used to do it with men, they caught a man, roped him to a tree, tied his penis at the bottom, so it became hard and had sex with him one after the other. They got pregnant this way. I doubt if such a situation could happen in our days but still men can be raped. Let’s say if he drank too much.
  • Yes. It happens frequently to men or boys who are incarcerated. Often knocked out and regain consciousness with a sock or a wash rag in your mouth and a big boner in your butt. There is often a line waiting for their turn to violate you too.

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