• Sorry sweetie, if you are in your sister's wedding suck it up and wear it. Ask her if you can take it off after the ceremony. maybe you can compromise with her on that.
  • I would say go with a blouse and a skirt, if not a dress. However, I am sure you can find some dress somewhere that you might like and might even enjoy wearing.
  • wear the dress. i had to play the piano for a wedding that i didn't even like the bride took my best behavior to not play something like dun dun DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN when she walked in instead. . not to mention i was a flower girl for my dad's second wedding, and i was told i was quite the pain in the arse. good thing i was 4 . wear the dress. it's only for a few hours, only for one day, and it is for your sister. if you can get away with it, wear shorts underneath
  • Wear the dress. Though if it's a low-cut dress or one that looks bad on you, perhaps you could ask your sister if you can buy a different style in the same color or something. However, dresses tend to be expected, and if you get the right kind for YOU, you might be happier about it?
  • Usually if you're in the wedding you will more than likely be asked to wear a dress. Maybe you could compromise with you changing at the reception after the formal pictures have been taken.
  • It's her wedding, her day. Wearing a dress for a few hours won't kill you. Wear the dress, Ninja Chase. After you see how happy you've made your sister, Ninja Chase will no longer be extremely upset. Have fun, and an extra helping of wedding cake for me, please!
  • You're in the wedding? Wear the freakin''s not going to kill you!
  • Get over yourself and wear a dress. When she's in YOUR wedding, you can wear Chuck Taylors and bikinis for all I care. But if sis wants you in a dress, you get in the dress.
  • would wearing a longer dress make you more confortable or a shaw with it see if you can come to some common ground with your sister but you might have to bite the bullet and wear the dress its just for one day and i am sure during the party afterwards your sister wouldnt mind if you changed as long as it was into something equally nice
  • Yes, they do. Make her happy and wear the dress. It's her day and a very special one. I'm sure she will really appreciate what a good sport you are for wearing something you don't like or want to wear :)
  • Wear the dress. I remember looking at my grandmother's wedding photo, which was sepia (brown) from 1926, and my grandmother touching it and saying, "There was so much trouble. You can't see, but my sister and sister in law are wearing different coloured dresses, because they hated each other and refused to wear the same dress." Even 50 years later, she remembered that it spoilt the wedding. Don't do that to your sister.
  • its either a dress or a suit .
  • wear the dress.its your sisters day.would it kill you to do this for her this one day.
  • Just do it. You'll find some way to pay her back later on.
  • Well...if you are a man then yes, asking you to wear a dress is asking too much. And it is a little kinky too.
  • just wear the dress one day, it's not going to hurt you and it's traditional. It's a special day so just do it for her.
  • i think it is respectful to wear something that is classy for the same reason you would wear something nice any time you go to an event, of respect for the people in the spotlight
  • Everyone will be looking at her anyway. Getting married can be stressful towards the end-be a champ and wear the dress. If you don't like something about yourself they may have different things that can help. Special undergarments, bras, things like that.
  • If you're a male you should stick to your guns, If your a female you should wear a dress, Its classy and will only make you look prettier. PS. If wearing a dress is that big of a sacrifice for you, please don't get married anytime soon.
  • Yes, most bridesmaids wear a dress and it is your sister's special day so make her happy and wear the dress. You can always change at the reception...after the introduction.
  • you have to decide whether you want to make your sister happy or yourself happy...i guess compromise is out of the question here because you can't wear both...hmmm...not unless you wear a dress looking top that goes well with pants...nah!...let's stick to whether you wanna satisfy her or yourself...:)
  • You must wear a dress. 20 years from now when you look back at the wedding pictures, you'll be sooooooooo glad you did!
  • Wear a dress or decline being in the wedding. That's all you can do.
  • Come on! its only one night, why it hurts that bad? don't be a party Poo*er ;) she is only getting married once. hopefully u know.. you'll look amazing, you'll like it.
  • I envy that you're allowed to wear a dress.

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