• i am the same way, age to me is just a number, i have always gone after older guys.. it's a maturity thing, guys tend to take longer to mature than women, or at least the men i know... You are 18, you do not have to listen to your parents, but i would ask them why they don't want you with him, they could have valid concerns, but as i said since you are legally an adult, they don't have the deciding factor.
  • Honestly, I would have to question why someone who is almost 30 would want an 18 year old. I don't know this guy nor you so to say anything else would probably not be wise.
  • Follow your heart. Love doesn't care about age. As long as you're both over 18 it really shouldn't matter. If he makes you happy and is good to you, go for it!
  • When I was younger I always dated older men. I loved not only the excitement of dating an older man but also the fact that he seemed so much more mature than other men my own age. The problem is, and you will find this to be true when you get older, that the only men who date women that much younger usually have something about them thats not quite right, honestly. While 18 is a legal adult, MOST men still think of an 18 yr old woman as a look-but-no-touch deal. (The men on here will probably agree with me... unless they are, say... under 23). Your parents are suspicious for a legitimate reason, TRUST ME! Ive been there, done that, and regreted the paths I took :-)
  • Follow your heart but keep in mind that if your family does not accept him it will make the relationship more difficult. Hopefully your man has the good sense to be respectful to your family and not take offense to their initial attitudes and can show them that he actually cares for you.
  • well 18 is way too young to be moving in with a man. Look if you were 25 and he were 40 I would understand because you've at least had time to be young but you just started. YOU JUST TURNED ADULT...and you can't even go to a bar. What a drag.
  • You are a legal adult, and may legally do as you please. But if you are living with your parents, they do have a very strong voice in what you do. If you live on your own and support yourself, then you can make your own mistakes. And it would be a mistake. A man nearly 30 who wants to date an 18-year-old girl sounds like a creep to me. "You feel" that age is nothing but a number. Well, dear, you're wrong, though you may not realise it until YOU are 28 and he is nearly 40. I speak with the voice of bitter experience. At age 52, I married a woman of 35. It was a disaster.
  • Okay, so I've been reading over your responces and have found a pattern(shock shock), people think that just because you're 18 you're still a kid. Honestly, I don't know you but I'm also 18 and am dating a 29 year old(and a 25 year old, and a 22 year old...but we won't go into that), there is no way in hell that I would move in with him right now because you need to learn to stand on your own. If you leave your parents house and move in with a guy you'll always be dependant on someone. You were told to follow your heart, don't, it'll end up with you getting hurt and your family furious with you. If you REALLY like this guy, then give it some time before you shack up, try having your parents get to know him(and if you're like me, bring up that they themselves are 14 years apart) and in the mean time, figure out whether you like him as much as you think or if it's just like a crush you have on your teacher in high school. Anyway, this is longer than I'd initially planned so, good luck and remember that no one can make the decision for you.
  • Please talk with your parents more and find out why they don't want you to date him. Listen to them with an open mind, because most parents truly are trying to look out for the best interest of their children and want them to be happy. I would give you this same advice no matter how old you were... if your family and friends don't like your boyfriend, then usually something is not right there, no matter how old you are. :) Good luck.
  • I dated a 27 year old when i was 18. We went out for two years. It's way to messed up. Honestly, i think his problem was that he was stuck in his younger years and couldn't find someone his own age. i knew people my age who were more mature, and basically it ended in disaster. He didn't understand how to deal with me going to hang out with some friends that were leaving for college, and stuff like that. It was disasterous and i got so many weird looks. It's not just a number. The two ages are at completely different times in life. He should have settled down, and I should have lived my teenage years differently. I now have someone a few months older than me, and it's the best relationship i've been in so far. There are plenty of (better) fish in the sea, m'dear :D
  • Careful with following advise of someone who has no clue as to the character and/or integrity of your 28 year old. He could be the best thing thet ever happened to you but he could also be the cause of your demise. If you don't know the answer to the above stick with your parents gut instinct.
  • well I have a question for you. Who's life is it exactly? yours or your parents?
  • Short answer: Don't do it. Answer 7 said it well. I'm a 28 year old guy and have found myself attracted to a girl that is 18. It's not my fault, she's pretty! And fun to be around! And she tells me she likes me! Neat! However, I'm smarter than that. I realize it's nothing more than a crush; a natural human feeling that can't be avoided when you meet someone who is "your type", and the feeling is multiplied when they tell you they like you too! IMPORTANT NOTE: I would *NEVER* blame anyone for how they feel but I will *ALWAYS* blame people for how they act based on those feelings. Cocaine makes you feel good too, doesn't mean it's a positive choice. :) To support my theory of not blaming someone for how they feel I guarantee I'll look at a 21 year old when I'm 60 and say, "Damn, she's hot!" That doesn't mean I'm going to date them (unfortunately, LOL). Sorry self, you can't justify it by saying she's "your type" and "age is just a number"! You can't help who you are attracted to but you can always help what actions you take thereafter! Things change A LOT between 18 and 28. At 28 the guy is probably (and hopefully) working and has a fair amount of his life figured out, but at 18 the girl is just finishing highschool and will be looking at things like moving away to college, discovering herself, etc. Part of what makes relationships work is the respective situations of the parties involved; when they are vastly different it only decreases the chance of success. I'm fairly confident that a 28 year old guy who wants to date an 18 year old girl is somewhat trying to re-live his younger years, but when reality takes hold (and it will) I bet there will be problems. Don't get me wrong, staying young can be healthy but especially when it comes to adults dating teenagers there's a very slim chance of success. In many ways I still act the same way I did when I was 18; I have a motorcycle and a fast car, I play video games, etc, but mentally I'm very different. From a 28 year old guy who is reasonably intelligent I will tell you that there is definately something wrong with a 28 year old guy who is willing to date an 18 year old girl. Note that wanting and willing are two very different things! I "want" to date this 18 year old girl. Who wouldn't? She's pretty and fun and blah blah blah! And apprently lots of guys agree! Doesn't mean I'm willing to. :) He can justify it all day long but in the end I'll bet you $100 it'll end in regret; not just end painfully like any unfortunate end to a relationship, but regretfully. A 30 year old dating a 40 year old is very different since, even though they are still 10 years apart, there is a greater chance that they are at or near similar paths in their lives. I'm not saying your situation will never work but I do strongly advise against it. For what it's worth that's my $0.02.
  • I dated a 30 year old when I was 19. My parents didn't like it either. If you feel like he is the right one for you then you should move in with him.
  • Just follow your heart, and if that's what you want go ahead, and if you know that you will be happy for the rest of your life go for it, i dont think you should stop bcuz ur parents dont acept it...actually my mom was 18 when she was dating my dad he was 28...they moved in together and until now they are still together and love each i would advice you to follow your heart...
  • Honestly,unless your in their shoes or position you really have no say in this.just because a 28 yr old guy wants to date an 18 yr old girl,doesn't mean that there's something wrong w/ the guy.when love happens,you don't put an age to it.all the married couples who are 40 & 30 & happier than ever,started somewhere.not just at that age.all these people who commented negatively,honestly,don't know what they are talking about.society has it that you have to follow what everyone saids or does but can't be a leader.I say,as longas your legal & the guys not old enough to be your dad,than where is the crime? What is so damn creepy?
  • Your parents are concerned the age is a bit extreme, his life experience is way greater than yours. However, it will ultimately be your decision and if your parents truly love you (and I am sure they do) they will come to terms with the relationship. But give some real thought to the purpose you want to move in with this guy. Sometimes young women want to date older for the experience and the fact that it makes mommy and daddy mad is an added bonus (not saying it is in this case).
  • YIKES! First, if you can't take care of your own rent, manage your own bills, etc., you have no business moving in with him. If you will be relying on him to provide these things for you, you are setting yourself up to get trapped in a dead end relationshp...possibly even an abusive one...with no resources/skills to support yourself if you need to leave. For you to say that age is just a number tells me you have no concept of human development over the life span. Developmentally, you two should be in very different places in your lives. I wonder what is going on with this guy that women his age aren't interested in him or that he's not interested in them. Get individual counseling to find your own power and get relationship counseling before you two move in together.
  • Dont listen to anyone but your heart because age is just a number society is screwed up and wants to brainwash everyone into thinking all the same only you know whats makes you happy if he treats you right give it a other countries girls are 12 and 13 and they marry 40 year old men and thats ok because thats how they do it over there in there country,i live in america i do what i want i dont really care what people think because they dont run my live i do.Im 28 and my girlfriend is 18 and she is smokin hot and we get along great and there is nothing wrong with me i own 2 buissness and went to college 4 years.everyone just fears what they dont understand and to all the guys saying its wrong and there is something wrong with the guy,you guys cant get an 18 year old girl because you dont have any girl is happier than anyone and her whole family loves me to death and approves 100% ohh and also we are engaged. She will be 19 in 1 month we have been together since she was 17 and we have never fought once...
  • You should listen to your parents, but of course you, like all teenagers, know better. You will end up in a very bad situation with a manipulative man and you'll spend years trying to break away from him and coming back for more abuse. Eventually, you will have enough and will spend more years rebuilding your self-esteem and self confidence and hopefully will be able to get into a healthy relationship and have children. You'll probably have a daughter who also feels "age is nothing but a number" and will make exactly the same mistake even though you try your best to beat sense into her head. These issues seem to follow in families. Teens seem to forget that your parents have been where you are. They've also been at 28. They know the differences and they've seen a lot. You can learn from their experience or you can start piling up your regrets early. Good luck.
  • Go to school...
  • Why is a guy nearing 30 hanging out with a teenager? He should be too mature for you. Age is not just a number. Teenagers think it is because they dont have enough life experience to know the difference. You will k ow one day. You do what you need to do but you better be darn sure of the relationship becausr you may be throwing away your relationship with your parents. It seems to me a guy who is darn near in his 30s should have enough maturity to undetstand that and would not encourage you to do that but would be making evey effort trying to establish a rapport with your parents and prove to them he isnt just after getting in your pants but has a solid emotional connection with you and would never want to see the family at ofds and work to keep it tight knit with dinners together and activities together to show his intent and prove himself. Thats what a mature man would know.

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