• I don't really know why people are like that. But I can answer the second part. I am a guy and when i hear of other guys raping little girls it disgusts me. I think that those type of people should be in prison for the rest of their life. Sad thing is...most of them are able to get out, then you hear about them doing it again. If I ever have a child and someone was going to do that to "my" child I would get the gun and go after them.
  • I am disgusted by anyone harming a little girl or boy in a sexual manner. If anyone done anything like that to my 5 year old girl they would be buried before the cuffs were snapped!
  • I was reading that there are two types of people who sexually assault little kids. One type is a pedophile who keeps sexually assaulting them, regardless if it hurts them or not. The second one is a child molester. I read that one of the reasons why a child molester would sexually assault a child is that the person feels that he/she cannot be loved by an adult of the opposite sex. If the child molester has someone whom he/she can truly love and be loved back, I think he/she would have never commit the crime in the first place. When I hear men raping little girls, I get infuriated with it. I feel so sorry for the little girls who get raped, especially those who get killed afterward. Those kinds of sex offenders should be executed for killing an innocent child!!
  • cause theyre evil
  • All listed are illegal, morally wrong and reprehensible. As to the specific reason / rational excuses, while there are some generally accepted whys, specifically as to each case that is beyond mine or anyone's definitive knowledge. As to "how do men feel, that would be akin to think that you know how all "woman feel about anything." I believe my first sentence stated how I do.

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