• I'm offended by your blatant bigoty, racism and sexism. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • No more than accusing the moon to be made of cheese.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      It's not??
    • Linda Joy
      Is too!
  • It takes a lot of faith to believe in those little green men you talk about.
  • Only if you hate them for being little green men.
  • Depends. If you are white then everything you think, feel, say, do and your very raison d'etre is racist, sexist, bigoted, antisemitic, and soooo hurtful...but if you are a white male, then multiply that by a factor of a hundred! And if you buy that load of crap, the commies and socialists have a coming leftard utopia they are willing to sell you dirt cheap!
  • It's evidence of sheer insanity, sweetie, not racism, sexism or "anti-short" discrimination. Do see a shrink.
  • You are the only one who has suggested that it is. I don't know why but you seem to think there is a question about this.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      How do you feel about Organized Labor Linda? Do you belong to a labor union? They used to be very powerful. Now they're not. They're being replaced with so called "right to work" states. You used to be able to support a family on your wages. Now you're lucky if you make minimum. Frankly I think you're pitching for the wrong team.
    • Army Veteran
      Organized labor is still strong in the skilled trades.
    • Linda Joy
      You talking to me? Was another comment removed? I supported myself and my family ON MINIMUM WAGE. That's how I know it can be done. And now I live on what I believe to be the lowest possible SSDI there is. And I still have enough. The problem with people today is they expect to be given a wage instead of earning it. And they all want expensive name brands, phones, cable, drugs and alcohol then whine its not enough! Its like the stimulus. Heard two people lately say they wish they'd get another one. I wanted to ask what they did with the last one, but they're real life friends, so I didn't. I payed my rent ahead with mine instead of blowing it on crap. Now when my checks come in its all mine for spending on anything I want for Christmas. And I live on less than $800 a month and have extra leftover. I think organized labor had a time and a place and that time is over. People don't need more money they need to spend less and tell themselves no once in a while!! They need to learn to cook and stop eating junk food out all the time. I never, ever eat out. I drink water and I have enough.
  • On Mars intelligent life evolved from the amphibian species, in particular the frog. That is why those people are referred to as 'little green men'.
  • To even consider the possibility makes you a candidate for the "No-Child- Left-Behind Award".
  • Hmmm...little green men on the red planet. sounds FESTIVE! : )

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