• Vista. Boo.
  • I'm still on XP at work AND at home. I keep hearing all the troubles with Vista. Have they sorted those out yet or are there still bugs? I hear XP will be going bye-bye eventually, but I don't want to upgrade until they've fixed to problems.
  • I just recently got a Toshiba Satelite laptop with vista and it randomly just goes blank, has a black screen and you have to re boot it every time. It sucks.
  • I have Vista Home Premium. A couple of programs stop working occasionally, like COM Surrogate (whatever that is) and Toshiba Hotkeys, but it never affects the performance and the computer has never crashed. I've only been using Vista for 4 months, so maybe my time hasn't come yet.
  • I've never actually had a full on crash with either of the operating systems, but I have a lot more problems with Vista.
  • Vista did not go fast enough to crash my PC
  • I don't have Vista and I'm going to avoid it for as long as I can.

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