• that dont sound right to me either
  • That is a real head scratcher for sure. What are universities teaching now?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Apparently they're teaching them that the way to end racism is to segregate themselves. MLK would be turning over in his grave.
    • Rick
      More head scratching - they ought to know better than that for sure.
    • Willy D Billiams
      Sadly, the black community turned from MLK to "Rev" Sharpton and Jackson.
    • Rick
      Yes they have and it is very noticeable.
  • That is gross racism! Colleges have deteriorated badly in the USA.
    • Linda Joy
      It was done by the black students, not the college. And what do you know of the condition of US colleges? Have you ever attended one?
    • Venus1485
      I have attended some, and it's bad to v be such racists. Black racism is still racism and mustn't be allowed.
  • In 2017, a group of Harvard grad students held a separate ceremony, which was not organized by the University, rather it was sponsored by the Harvard Black Students Association. No degrees were conferred during this ceremony; that practice is reserved for the school
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Segregate yourself so that you can show how far you've come from segregation. Good thinking. A separate association for black students and a separate ceremony. Nothing says racism in America like a group being singled out because of the color of their skin.
  • Yes, there's a major problem with such nonsense. Blacks only is racist and segregated. Harvard is worthless when it allows such gross racism.
  • It's making a made a BIG mistake my friend. You cut off your nose to spite your face.
  • No it is way to get a political group back into power. For money people will do anything. Some group paid the school and them for an agenda.
  • Are you sure? The blacks themselves should complain!
  • yes,they need to graduate together
    • Venus1485
      No blacks only or whites only should be allowed. That's gross racism.
  • I see a problem with it! However, while it is a black commencement ceremony anyone who wishes is allowed to attend. Not just blacks. And it was not done by the university but by the students. They will all have a ceremony together as well.
    • Venus1485
      I doubt your sources of data.
    • Linda Joy
      Seriously? ! Have you even tried looking it up and actually reading ANY ARTICLES? You certainly haven't provided any information that what I've said is NOT TRUE! and I didn't even cite a particular source for you to doubt yet!! Would you like to specify which data in particular you doubt? Then I can be more specific.
    • ReiSan
      I always doubt Linda after seeing some of her answers and comments. Fact-checking is not that simple. Her sources are biased.
  • Can you provide a little more context to your question, more information? When I graduated from college, the school had a main student body graduation and then there were small groups from the student body that has small celebratory graduations (e.g. African Americans, Latinos, etc.). Students could join these groups as freshmen as a way to support students with various needs and reduce student drop out rates. There were many more groups. Looking from the outside in, your statement does some wrong. Note that I graduated in the 1990s so this is not new. But need more information to comment further.
    • Linda Joy
      It's the same thing. It's just becoming more widespread and the media is trying to inflame and infuriate by printing half truths and then social media twists it further intentionally so everyone will get offended instead of looking up the truth people just like spreading half truths and flat out lies and being pissed off so they don't look for the whole truth and when you give them the truth they'd rather believe the lie, call you the liar for telling the truth and doubt your source. Scroll up one for an example!
    • ReiSan
      Linda is describing herself.

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