• well i don't know if its defined as murder unless your intentionly killing them (then it is) but i know its not what they aim for. if only their was a perfect way to not kill civilians. the problem is in Iraq a lot of them look the same and you don't know who is who if they are concealing the weapon.
  • The answer to that is very subjective, it very much depends on how you define murder.
  • yes, killing anyone is murder
  • ask the woman who just lost her husband, or the kids whose mom or dad who just got killed, i'm sure they could give you a real answer.
  • No, it's manslaughter since it wasn't a premeditated act done out of malice. The 5th commandment says thou shall not murder; it never says thou shall not kill.
  • Killing armed enemy servivcemen, no, that's just war, that's killing. But killing civilians and even the enemy when they are unarmed, that's murder.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Aug. 11 2017
  • War is murder.
  • The draft ended in 1976 in the US, so EVERY ONE who joined the army since then did so voluntarily, and with some seedy little thought to "getting to" kill people. Then they want to be thanked as if they did something noble. But nope, they volunteered to "get to" go kill people.
  • During actual combat killing the enemy is not murder. Any other time it is murder.

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