• Symantec Ghost, install the Ghost console on the server, set up one PC exactly as you want it, if you're using Windows Sysprep it, then use a Ghost boot disc to enter a 'Ghost session' (Which will have been set up on the server) and create a Ghost image, which you can then restore to the other PCs.
  • nLite lets users customize and remove components from their Windows install disc, integrate updates, automate the installation process, and install third party programs automatically. nLite is for Windows XP, 2000, and 2003 while vLite is for Windows Vista. this is the program we use at the school where I TA at, seems to work as well as ghost if not better.
  • Are the hardware configurations the same? If so, then I would ghost the build I wanted and then connect as many to the network as you can at one time and push the image down to the computers.
  • You can use Microsoft Deployment to use its pretty simple and can set a computer up with windows just the way you need it to be.
  • You can make n image of a working system using various software, such as Acronis Image, or those mentioned here. However, prior to Windows 10 (8.1? I never tried), before making the image copy, you must first use the SYSPREP tool on the working system in order to set it to "mini installation" status. This will also work if there are minor differences in the hardware, because it forces the drivers to be reinstalled. Of course, unless you have the room, or the time, to install all 50 at once, you could use a hardware disk duplicator that copies to 5 or more drives at once.

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