• No, they're very quiet.
  • Nope ... They are all good :-) !
  • Nah. :)
  • i dont even know their names
  • Only when they're watching their brothers dog, he never stops barking.
  • No, but they have a peacock and it can be quite noisy. EDIT Perhaps I should have read it better. The answer would be the same - the peacock is nosey as well as noisy.
  • Sometimes when the have a party. But thats only a few times during the summer......I don't know how their ear drums can take it, when they crank up that music. Here I am a mile or more away. And can hear every word or bet to the songs their playing. I guess it just travels down the valleys. Oh'well the good thing is they play good music.........LOL..........
  • Simply put, yes. I hate them.
  • nope.. smelly ones!! The placement of my apartment tends to draw the air from front door to out of building. Although I have used thick weather stripping and damp towels at the doorstop my neighbour's medicinal pot smoking still filter's heavily into my apartment. My daughter is ill with marfan's syndrome which includes a heart valve defect and smoke induced asthma. The smoke is pungent enough to seize her lungs due to the increased tar content of marijuana. Although it does not get effect her as a drug, the tar is heavy enough to have her test positive for pot use although she cannot smoke. I have asked neighbor to smoke on balcony or consider cooking with or ingesting the pot, but she has been belligerent. What a selfish creature.
  • Luckily, no.
  • Nah there too busy inside there house doing drug's
  • Yeah. One time we were having furniture delivered and him next door was out watering his garden. It was pissing down with rain !!!!!
  • Yes, do you want to borrow them? Free to a good home with net curtains to peep round :)
  • Yes I have she even likes to copy me on everything !
  • We live on the end of a street, so we only have next door neighbors on one side. We NEVER hear from then. They mow their lawn and plant flowers every once in a while. I, personally, have never had a conversation with them. They are SO quiet! It's nice.
  • NO! Exact opposite. My friend who lives 2 doors down had 2 jetskis on a double-trailer bolted to his fence. Someone came by on a Saturday in broad daylight (about noon) & cut the bolts, attached the trailer hitch to the back of their car & not one person saw anything. I wish my neightbors would be nosy once in awhile. We live in Golf Course community & I have noticed a lot of cars that do not belong to my neighbors & it seems like I'm the only one on the street who thinks it is odd. My neighborhood is the place to go when people look to rob a home because everyone works day jobs & have nice homes.
  • Yes. Anytime a door is opened or shut at my place, they're right there staring out the windows. I've stood in my window(a few feet back) and watched them staring at my house. I gave them the finger and they actually quickly ducked down (maybe hoping I didn't notice them staring in my windows watching for any movement in my home) What a riot! They're an older, meddlesome, out of state couple with nothing else to do I guess. People across the street stare at my family anytime we're outside. Pretty scary sometimes, because neither set of neighbors that I've mentioned are dealing with a full deck.
  • OH! I think we had worlds noseiest neighbors..we even moved because we were so sick of them...they would "always" appear when ever we were out side.They would always ask..what's in the bags? How much did you spend on that? What do you need with that? They didn't like any thing we did and they seemed to be offended when we would buy a new car! It was constant! We could even give them smart remarks in return and they "couldn't get it"!! The kids were just as bad only they were brats! They were always trearing up our flower beds to get balls etc. One time they were playing hockey on roller skates and the ball went into my bed of daffodils and the stupid kid went "skating" thorough it to get the ball...instead of taking the stick and pulling the ball out. They even broke tail lights out of our cars and got no end of pleasure setting of our car alarms! We also liked to light off a fire cracker or two on the 4th or New Years Eve..this guy would stand out side with his hose on waiting to make sure his roof didn't catch fire. Plus he hated guns...we are sports people! We got demeaned each and every time we went in and out of the house with our shot cases! I bet he would be the first to run to our house for protection if there were trouble in the area!! They seemed to know when we were out side..they were "always" there and they always wanted to know what everything cost...they would even ask people we had working, what it was costing us to have "what ever" done!! We tried for 13 years to be nice but as we got older, it just got to be way too much! They kept having babies and we had hoped they would move...they had six kids in a three bedroom house!! So we moved! Enough was enough!!
  • I hate my neighbour. He does not work and has no life so he has to spy on everyone else. I live in an 8 apartment block and this guy used to sit out front watching everyone come and go. He didn't like it when I set up a security camera to watch him watching us...we had words. Now he sits in his apartment with his front door open watching and listening to everyone come and go. His name is Bruce. His address is 4/2 Station St, St Marys, NSW, Australia. Send him a letter and tell the bastard to mind his own business. He has a terrible cough...soooo loud. Maybe with a bit of luck he'll die soon and we can all enjoy our privacy again. Yeah, I know, that's a terrible thing to say...BUT I WANT MY PRIVACY BACK!!!!!
  • My neighbor is the president of the homeowners association. She is in her 40's and lives alone plus her 2 dogs. She is constantly harassing us and sending letters to my landlord because we park in the street when guests come and because we let our dog out on the back deck without being out there. (we can see her through the glass door). In person she backs down like a true spineless backstabber though.

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