• I'd ask myself - Was there ever passion or sexual desire? Did it die out, or just never exist? If it died out, why? Can it be rekindled? If it never exsisted, do you think you could *live the rest of your life like this* in this 'perfect relationship?' Some hard questions, but this is your life you're talking about... Be honest with yourself.
  • In the first place, Everything in your relationship hasn't been perfect. But then there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It runs hot and cold both Emotionally and Sexually. Now about Passion within any relationship,It doesn't come from your lower genitals, regardless of gender. it comes from your upper, larger sex organ,your brain. Most of us men,in relationships,are kept fired-up sexually by our brain's turned on lust. Then that lust is translates to our genitals. Just as all sex begins within our brain,it then must end in our genital expressions. And Somewhere along the line you have severed your mental desire to give or to receive Love,sex. I wish that like ED,Erection-Dysfunction, you could just take a pile and it would go away. If you ever had those wonderful, Horny sexual affairs, slept-around when you were younger, then you had it way back-when. And if I were you I would have a complete Hormonal-Work-up, as this could be the main reason for your sexual-turn-off. Lots of men and women have a decrease in their Hormones, but don't realize it as the cause of a diminished sex drive. Do hope that I have been helpful to you. Love From the Philippines.

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