• Leave it alone! If you want your husband's password that (to me) can only mean one thing - that you suspect you will find something you don't like really want to be sure before you go snooping! If you are absolutely certain that you want to look you'll have to guess it, or install a key logger on the machine to pick it up when he next logs in. failing that you could go in and change it if you can answer his security questions - but then he is going to wonder what happened. I would suggest a good old fashioned sit down and ask him what the problem is/if there is a problem might be a better approach.
  • here are a few you can try. 1. trust 2. cherish 3. respect
  • Well first of all, be careful how many times you try in a day. Yahoo or MSN will lock you out after a certain number of tries. Is it possible to look over his shoulder or something while he types it in? Be sure you are prepared for what you may find.
  • Don't do it. Worst way to deal with anything. That said, I don't know your situation. why do you want it?
  • I figure if he wanted you readin his email, he'd have given you his password himself.
  • you can ask him, and if he doesn't want to give it to you for obvious reasons then too bad
  • Ask him for it. If you can't trust him then he should know and maybe you two will work it out.
  • You don't.
  • ask your husband what it is..
  • ok.i understand ur problem. there r many ways. 1)u sit beside him when he is cheking mail,its easy to see the password typed by him. if this doesnt work.try this. 2)install a keylogger. the first one is easy. the second one is easy but if he comes 2 no tat the keylogger is installed.........
  • E-mail companies don't ask persons to appear in person, they almost always sent the password thru your account backup or reset the account once you are varifed as the account holder.
  • Hire a hacker.
  • Uh...start guessing now?
  • *laughs* I'm not telling you that.
  • Most people won't tell you that, including me, unless you have a good reason. Such as getting into your own account because of a forgotten password. But even then, they won't believe you most of the time. go to a computer site. lol. or get a geek friend who trusts you. Or does mischief. whatever. Im just not that evil person.
  • Why would you want to know someones log in password?
  • You don't...? Why would you want that? If you're trying to get onto an account and ruin it, Don't even think about it. If you're trying to get an account that has a higher level and a "better name"...don't.
  • 4 years ago my daughter came down and find my husband watching 2girls going at it.She was 14 back then.2 days ago i ask him to look for something 4 me while he was on the net and i noticed pornographic website.
  • Use a keylogger or look in the chace files.
  • In a good trusting relationship you would have that information. You should examine your relationship and not worry about the password.
  • Ways: Try classics-password,open sesame Or sth more familar- b'dae date,year Or be direct- ask him. If u think he's cheating on u get a honeytrapper or if is from singnet, u will recieve a paper with the password. All of these r suggestions.
  • Ask him for it, if you feel he is hiding something tell him it would make you feel better if you could look at his account together.
  • What about privacy???
  • Why would you want to do this??
  • As previously mentioned, you must use the "retrieve password" procedures offered by the mail service. They usually have 2 options: asking a question or sending password reset procedure to a secondary (pre-registered) email account. If that has failed, there is only one last resort: Does he have a computer (at work, laptop, friend...) where he might have saved the password? If the password has been stored on a computer, there are tools to recover them. For example, when you store passwords in your computer and some software asks for it, you'll see the saved password as a series of **** The passwords hidden behind this can be recovered. What is the mail service you're trying to get the password to?

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