• Unfortunately, yes. This movie is so packed with so many lies, baseless assertions, and ridiculous innuendos masquerading as “arguments”, I have to wonder if it is actually an outright hoax, a revenue generating scheme for professional apologists and debunkers, or yet one more NWO/Globalist Conspiracy tactic to confuse, divide, and discredit the Patriot movement. Having listened to an interview with the writer/editor/narrator, "Peter Joseph", I'm inclining towards the third option. The advocates and champions for one-world government haven't exactly been keeping their views or their identities a secret over the last hundred years, neither have they been concealing the institutions they've created to bring it about. The fact of Rockefeller involvement and leadership in the movement is long and well established, and they make no effort to deny or conceal it. I am intrigued by the conspicuous absence of any mention in Mr. “Joseph’s” little opus of the United Nations, UNESCO, the IMF, the World Bank, the World Parliament of Religions – all creations of the 1-world-government-party under Rockefeller patronage – or even Rockefeller support of prominent advocates of “religious pluralism” and various New Age/Eco-spiritualities, such as Joseph Campbell and even Carl Sagan. Indeed, therein lays the great irony of Zeitgeist. On the one hand, it purports to expose and attack the designs of the NWO club, and then goes on to attack the same things these would-be social engineers have been attacking (quite successfully) for over a century: religion (especially Christianity), patriotism, and family. (“Peter Joseph’s” attack on “the family” was voiced in the interview I mentioned, not the movie.) These are the same three things the first UNESCO charter denounced as “the poisons of the home”, and which, the charter decreed it was UNESCO’s primary purpose to destroy. These have long been targeted by “progressives” as these actually inspire loyalties in people that cause them to resist social (and genetic) engineering. (How dare they!) “Joseph” then goes on to claim that the only way to defeat the globalist conspiracy is to abjure all patriotism, ethnic identity, cultural distinctiveness, and (above all) religion, and to embrace instead a soapy and environmentally friendly, ecologically centered, life-force worshipping, universalist contentless mysticism and vapid “human potential” spirituality of the exact same type promoted by the Rockefellers and their minions. (Please Google “Steven Rockefeller” and the “Earth Charter”.) In short, he advocates abandoning our defenses, laying down our arms, and signing onto to the one-world-order bandwagon: “Victory!” through giving the enemy everything they want. Ultimately, I’m forced to ask, “Whose side is he really on?”
    • Army Veteran
      Such an in-depth answer, and yet, no mention of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Did you not know that the UN was a construct for Zionist support? The British Mandate held the Zionists in check so that they could not invade the Arabs and take over Palestine. The British Mandate was abandoned and replaced with the UN, effectively eliminating the terms that prevented Zionist actions against the Arabs.

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