• nnaybe
  • Clearly that would ensure the child received no support what so ever which would be counter productive. That reminds me of the difference of someone owing you $200. vs someone owing you $2,000,000. For the person who owes you $200, and they don't repay you, you (in theory) might break his or her arm. For someone owing you $2,000,000 you might volunteer to be their bodyguard to keep them as healthy and productive as possible.
  • I think a woman should take responsibility for keeping the child if the man doesn't want it due to unwanted pregnancy. She should also suffer for sleeping with me.
    • Archie Bunker
      She can kill the baby without his consent, right? If he says he doesn't want it and she keeps it, isn't it her responsibility now? You can't have it both ways.
    • FishyFish
      Good luck trying to convince people of that, though. I've tried and that's my position on the subject. She wants it and I don't, that's her choice and she should bear the responsibility. Plenty of women out there abuse this fact and trap men in relationships that'd never happen without a child in the picture.
  • You mean "Be rich" as that is what rich people like us, more or less do. It's why you see so few rich people going to jail or even facing prosecution.
  • Here it's not an option, you either pay or go to prison where the amount owed keeps piling up making it even more impossible to get caught up upon release. But, if you're going to marry and jump in the sack you need to be responsible for any outcome instead of putting it off on everyone else to pay for your irresponsibility.

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