• if it stops abortions i think theyre good ones
  • When you have people who think it's okay to terminate a pregnancy as the mother is giving birth, it's not a political issue. It's a fundamental change in society's values. A change for the worse.
  • Meh, it's a gimmick by Trump to get the bible bashers to vote for him. He knows fine well people who want to abort, can travel out of state to get it done.
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm curious as to how Trump played this gimmick to states like Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas & Kentucky. Could you explain how this is Trump's work?
    • Linda Joy
      Actually I'll have to admit that I think Trumps nomination of Kavanaugh to the supreme court was a catalyst. Right to lifers know this is the time to try to reverse Roe v. Wade or at the very least get the supreme court to legislate when life begins. So in that case jshm is wrong. They'll have to go to Canada or Mexico. IF it passes the Supreme Court. And its not a gimmick. It was an excellent political strategy! And all in his first term! He's a fast learner, imo!

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