• Y-E-S.
  • Yes. He lied and deceived you. I advocate working things out in a marriage, but dumping the bastard when there is no "real" relationship. Send him packing. He doesn't deserve you.
  • well, seeing as im the only brotha to answer this one... ask yourself this: does he mean that much to you that you can give him a second chance? no one is perfect, and no one claims to be. we all make mistakes and we learn from them and grow from them. i am not trying to justify what he did. by all accounts it was wrong, but is it in your heart to give him one more try?
  • I have always wanted a guy, who thought so little of me, that when I am at my lowest point, he would kick me in the face, by cheating on me, in my own bed, that would make me feel so special and loved. Quit listening to his words, and look at his actions, that is where the truth is, I think you know the answer to this question, but I will give my opinion anyway. Do not accept being treated this way by anyone. What would you tell your daughter to do in this situation, and please, don't give me, the "But, I love him" crap, how can you love someone who doesn't care about you.
  • Sure are!
  • You will never totally be hia. He still has a part of himself set aside for someone else. He has already acted on these feelings. He will continue to return to her. If you take him back you are a fool. Worse yet you are his fool and he knows it.
  • Yes, he's not worth it. Give him the big A now! Also have those sheets fumigated!
  • i would re-think the marriage
  • I am all about forgiveness. I can see being with someone for many years who had a moment of weakness and comes to me in honesty and admits what they have done so as not to have the deception between us.. with love I would hope to forgive. I have always stated that I do believe such things can be forgiven if the couple truly love each other and are honest with each other.. however.. I am not about a man bringing his piece to the bed in which I lay my head and we share our own private moments of intimacy. The thought of laying in snail tracks that were not my own would disgust me and steal the comfort I have in my bed. Bringing her to the place that is ours, where we have our peace and comfort in our home would go through me so bad I would probably have to get away from him before I maimed him. Giving her the importance of coming to such a personal place would never leave my mind. That is unforgiveable to me.
  • Wow, normally I'm the one to defend cheating spouses on this site, but jesus christ! Yes!
  • Yes, he doesn't love you, he doesn't love her: he only loves himself! What a scumbag too to cheat on you when you lost your granny. Whatever you do, DO NOT marry this loser.
  • ...yes...
  • He has absolutly no respect for you. No person can really love somebody or be loved by somebody who does not respect them. You dont want the rest of your life to be like this. As hurtful and painful as it is, you should leave him. If he cant be faithful to you now, it will only get worse after marriage. Good luck honey.
  • yep.. you are a fool - sorry.. but do you really expect him to change? Keep the ring though - you might get some money for it
  • break up with him immediately and buy a new bed! or at least new sheets!!!!!!!!!
  • Okay...worst feeling in the world eh? In my relationship right now, my boyfriend cheated on me by kissing another woman. Though it was just a kiss, i flipped out. I told him if he apologized to my parents, i would take him back, and that he did. He was crying, and i could tell he was devastated. Now we are only 22, but love is love right? Okay, but, here is why i took him back, he told me what happened the day after and was honest. I feel as though, honesty, is a good sign and shows you the person cares enough to respect you. He's a great guy and just made a slip up. I do believe people can change, but your situation is so different. Because honesty was not there, and honesty is the key to a relationship. You can't trust him again, and i am telling you NOW, that the trust is gone. If you stay with him, you will have to always check his phone and always check him email, because he was not honest, so what makes you believe he will be honest? The fact of that you gave him your trust is a gift, and its hard in this generation to trust when there is so much cheating going on. He obviously did not appreciate you enough to realize that. And how horrible, you were at a funeral crying well he was having sex with another woman, just think about that for a second, what a selfish bastard. You are beyond a fool if you take him back, so have self repect for youself and realize you are better that that. I know you want to hear go back and try again, but he slept with somebody else, and he was dishonest. Once the trust is gone, it can take years to get it back depending on the situation and the honesty of the other person. Anyways please think what you are doing to yourself and to your life. You will waste time and effort on this person. Good luck.
  • Well 'feelings' and 'love' are two different things. Feelings can be for only the moment. But he is in love with you. Who is he marrying? YOU! You are a fool if he is going to continue to communicate with this girl. But if he feels guilty and is sincerely sorry, groveling and kissing your feet, asking for forgiveness... then yes, take him back. He's about to get married. Total loyalty and devotion has to be tied into a marriage. Maybe the whole "I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with this girl" is kind of freaking him out.
  • If he did it once, he will probably do it again. He doesn't sound too remorsful either. RUN!!!
  • Kick his butt to the curb. You only caught THIS ONE, how many more time has he cheated on you? Will you be able to trust him ever again? Do you really want to live in a relationship that has no trust? Can you afford a PI to keep track of your husband for years to come?
  • yeah, a complete fool. Hello, you were in pain and he had no concideration! Why wasn't he with you at the funeral instead of in bed with another. You are too good for this ok, no one deserves this. Don't be a fool, don't present yourself as insecure or something and let him walk over you. girl, if he loved you why did he hokey pokey with another girl? Is it cuz his hormones aren't yet under control? You can like someone,but does that mean you have to sleep with them???? Honestly, I don't believe he should touch you after touching her. How can you stay together and not feel like he's only doing it for sex? Idk, do what your mind and heart tell you.
  • yes, you would be the king of fools. YOU BURRIED A LOVED ONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE. let him learn this lesson on the curb. kicked to the curb. i dont think it was low. i think it was evil. EVIL!!! the devil would hang his head in shame at this guy.
  • Don't waste your time, because if you take him back that is exactly what you will be doing. And you will wake up a year or two later with the same problem and finally realize he will never change and then be upset with yourself that you were not wise enough to move on when he first cheated on you.
  • i wouldnt take someone like that back

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